The Bachelor Australia

Is this the moment The Bachelor's Brittany won Nick's heart?

He's smitten!

By Faye James
She's the frontrunner to steal Nick's heart on The Bachelor and on Wednesday night's episode it appeared Brittany Hockley sealed the deal.
The lovebirds went on an intimate date which lead them to sitting down and having a heart to heart on what they were both looking for in a partner.
Nick was blown away with Brittany's honesty and by the time they got to take a dip in the pool, the Honey Badger is literally frothing at the mouth.
Has The Bachelor's Brittany sealed the deal? Nick certainly seemed smitten
"She's a goddess," he gasps.
The two lock lips in the pool and it appears Nick is loved up lock, stock and barrel.
And it's not just The Badger that's smitten. Brittany admits she's got feelings too.
"I feel like I can definitely fall in love with him," she admits to camera.
And it appears she may have let it slip that she's actually won the show.
"I feel like I can definitely fall in love with him," Brittany admits
On Tuesday the 30-year-old uploaded a picture to her Facebook feed with the caption 'Not used to getting so glammed up for a honey Badger!' and as her friends flooded her feed with compliments one pal decided to get directly to the point.
'Britt we are all enjoying the journey but just tell us what we really want.... Am going heavy on sportsbet or not???' wrote the friend.
But instead of sending her mate off the scent, Brittany liked the comment suggesting that perhaps her friend was on the right track.
And it's not just Britt that has let things slip. Last week Nick spoke to Nova's Fitzy and Wippa and said that it was a 'brunette' beauty that had won him over.
'Have you got a type of girl? I mean if you look at past relationships, are they brunettes? Are they blondes? Are they outdoorsy type people or…?' Wippa probed.
And Nick answered: 'In the past, they have actually been sandy blonde… and that's why I've had a big changer.'
Indeed, Brittany is right up Nick's Alley. Describing herself as "adventurous and optimistic, she's a down-to-earth romantic who is passionate about both dogs and travel."
Plus, the radiographer is cleaning up in the odds with Sportsbet picking her to not only win the series but also score the first pash ($5.00), first date ($6.00) and land the first impression prize ($5.00).
"Right now Brittany is the favourite for the Honey Badger's heart, but with keys to the Bachie pad up for grabs for the girl who makes the best first impression - we're tipping whoever snags it will be a front runner," sportsbet.com.au spokesperson explained.

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