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It's official! They're still together - The Bachelor’s Matt and Chelsie release joint video

''Obviously I picked Chelsie and couldn’t be happier!''

By Tina Burke and Anita Lyons
The Bachelor 2019 came to a staggering conclusion tonight when Matt Agnew chose Chelsie Mcleod over Abbie Chatfield.
And now that the winner has finally been revealed, it's time to closely monitor their Instagram pages for all signs of (love) life.
During the season, the rumour mill was sent into overdrive when it was reported that Matt had pulled a "Blake Garvey" by choosing a winner and then changing his mind.
But, if this new video on the official Bachelor Twitter is anything to go by - this has absolutely not happened and our happy couple are indeed, still happy.
The happy couple! (Source: Network Ten)
"Hey guys, thanks for following us on this journey," Matt told the cameras while Chelsie watched on smitten.
"Obviously I picked Chelsie and couldn't be happier being able to be out in the world together without having to hide it all."
With Chelsie adding: "Yeh, being able to share our journey with all of you but we're also very excited now to be able to do our own normal thing and start a normal relationship."
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Shortly after, Chelsie shared her first Instagram post with Matt. Sharing a sweet selfie with her boyfriend for the first time - officially - Chelsie chose a simple caption.
"I love you," she wrote.

Matt then took to his Instagram and posted an official shot of the couple from South Africa.
"This has been an absolutely incredible experience but I found exactly what I was looking for. I love you @chelsiemcleod #thebachelorau"
And then, taking to his Instagram stories, wrote: "Finally" and circled that he was "following" his lady love back on Instagram.

"Finally!" (Source: Instagram/Dr Matt Agnew)
During the finale, Matt revealed his true feelings for the chemical engineer after sending Abbie home.
"I've never believed in such thing as the perfect woman until I met you," Matt said. "You encapsulate everything I'm looking for. My biggest fear is opening up to that special someone and having my heart broken into a thousand pieces.
"My heart is fluttering and even though it could get broken in to a thousand pieces it's time to take the plunge and tell you how I feel. Chelsie, I love you."
Visibly shocked, the blonde beauty gasped and asked, "What?"
"Oh my God. I thought you were dumping me," she whispered.
"Actually quite the opposite," he replied, laughing.
Matt and Chelsie are happy as larry. (Source: Network Ten)
"I love how you giggle when you're nervous," Matt continued to tell a teary Chelsie.
"I love that you go full nerd as soon as there's some maths involved, and above all I love how to make me feel. You make me want to believe in fairytales because when I'm with you I feel like I'm in one."
Chelsie told Matt she had been "crying all day" because she was certain she was about to lose him.
"I thought you were going to break my heart," she said. "And then you didn't break it. You made it whole again."