Eliminated Survivor Champion Susie Maroney responds to Luke's 'savage' burn

''I mean, typical Luke!''

By Alex Lilly
It was a nail-bitingly close tribal on Sunday night when marathon swimmer Susie Maroney was the second Champion to leave Australian Survivor.
With just one vote more than Boost CEO Janine Allis, Susie's departure signalled the end of the sporting alliance that had formed early on.
We chatted to Susie about her time on the show plus the savage comment Luke Tovi made behind her back when he voted her out.
TV WEEK: Susie, what an exit! Were you shocked to leave at this stage?
Susie: Yeah, it was close though. I had that strong alliance with the athletes, there were seven of us and five of them so it kind of made sense but then it showed cracks. Abbey cracked it and went to David's side and then we were no longer as strong.
It shocked me that she didn't stay loyal, I thought that athletes come from backgrounds where you're loyal to your coach, loyal to your club, loyal to your team. But look at Janine, she's a businesswoman, she was so good at selling herself and business people will win at all costs.
I was hoping for the loyalty to stay in there but you can't when Survivor is a game of being blindsided and people selling themselves so it's hard.
Susie was the second Champion to be eliminated. (Image: Network Ten)
TV WEEK: When was the moment you realised you were in danger of being sent home?
Susie: I think when you're around camp before tribal, there are different alliances going off and you can just tell that your name's being thrown up. You'll walk past and all of a sudden they'll stop talking so you kind of have that feeling. I knew it was going to be close because Janine wouldn't look me in the eyes, we were trying to talk to each other but it was so awkward. Then you've got the ones who feel safe and they can jump to whatever team they like.
TV WEEK: David was very straight with you and said that he was going to vote for you, how did you feel about that?
Susie: I found that a bit weird because for one I knew how he was voting and I straight away knew not to trust him, I didn't think someone would tell me how they're voting.
"She was so good at selling herself and business people will win at all costs." (Image: Network Ten)
TV WEEK: Now the sporting alliance has shown some cracks, what do you think will happen amongst the Champions?
Susie: I think it's going to be very challenging for both sides because you're evening it up and who do you really trust? You can't trust anyone because you think you're in an alliance early and keeping that loyalty but within a few days it was broken so it feels like it's pretty fractured in the tribe.
TV WEEK: Luke's comment of 'Good luck on your next swim...back to Australia' was particularly savage last night. What did you think of that?
Susie: I mean, typical Luke! At least I could swim there if I had to, don't think he can! But it would've been great to stay around for the water challenges, but that's Survivor, you never know what's going to happen. If there had been a water challenge and I smashed that one, maybe everything would've changed.

TV WEEK: Who were the camp mates you formed the closest bonds with?
Susie: Nova was wonderful. She's an inspiring person and she really did keep the camp together. She made amazing food with just rice and beans and the boys kind of play up to her and make it look like they can't do anything but they love it.
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TV WEEK: Who do you think will make it all the way to the end and be Sole Survivor?
Susie: I don't know, there are so many people. If you're too cocky like Luke then people don't really like that, but you look at people that go under the radar. Simon Black, he's AFL but he's a gentleman, you can't not like him in there. And then there's Pia who's using her acting skills that are very convincing so who knows. But then you look at the Contenders like Baden, they're playing the game too.
Physically I'd say the Champions and the Contenders are quite even. Winning these challenges, the Contenders have a good chance because they're young, they're fit and they've got nothing to lose. They look like they're a close-knit group whereas the Champions are getting a bit fractured.
"Physically I'd say the Champions and the Contenders are quite even." (Image: Network Ten)

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