Australian Survivor: Luke Toki on finding another secret cookie stash

The People’s Champion won’t be sharing!

By Zara Zubeidi
Luke Toki is making his long-awaited comeback in tonight's Australian Survivor. And this time the loveable prankster means business!
Here, the star, 33, opens up to TV WEEK about how he feels returning to the game for a second shot at success, the changes he'll make and what he'll do should he find another stash of secret cookies…
Luke Toki is back for a second shot at Australian Survivor success. (Source: Network 10)
You're back! What will you do differently this time?
I will change some small things - maybe I'll be a bit quieter or maybe more aggressive… I adapt to the situation and that's why I did so well in my first season.
Your fellow tribemates will have watched you play the game. Do you have a disadvantage?
I definitely have a disadvantage going into the game. [They've seen me] hiding in the bushes and listening to people, playing tricks on people, lying to people… I'm a bit nervous going in. I've got experience going in a second time but it can also work against you when you're the only person that has experience. You come with a bit of an aura - you're a returnee rather than a first time player.
Do you feel like you have a target on your back?
Yeah. I will have a target on my back or I will find myself shooting targets at other people. It's such a social and unpredictable game. I was definitely nervous going into it. The moment you hit that beach, it's on. I went in there with no expectations other than to have fun and run amok.
Do you feel extra pressure because you're a returnee?
The pressure is on for me to succeed and do well. Last year, Russell Hantz, who was on the American Survivor, was voted out after two tribals. If that happens to me, is there even room for returnees to come back?
Eventual winner Jericho (left) grew close to Luke in season two. (Source: Network 10)
What mistakes did you make last time?
Mistakes can haunt you in this game. You go home, you overthink what you could've done and didn't do. People lie blatantly to your face and you need to work out who is telling the truth. That's the beauty of the game. It's not just physically exhausting but on the mind. You think you don't have friends out there, just enemies trying to take away your dream.
Has Jericho given you advice?
He reckons I better win $500,000 or he's still got more bragging to do. We are extremely tight, I know he will be rooting for me this year.
What will you do if you find another cookie stash?
If I find some more cookies I'll be eating them without anyone knowing. I will be doing the exact same thing as last time. I will be keeping my stash to myself and sitting up all night going to sleep with a full belly!
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