Australian Survivor winner 2018: Who wins?

The bookies have spoken.

By Alex Lilly
Tonight's the night, Australian Survivor: Champions versus Contenders fans.
After weeks of rice and beans, gruelling challenges and sneaky game play, the final three battling it out for the title of winner and Sole Survivor have been revealed.
And now that the final Contender Shonee Fairfax has been booted out, it's a Champion Battle Royale between former Olympian Shane Gould, criminal barrister Sharn Coombes and AFL champion Brian Lake. All three have shown incredible physical and mental strength but only one can win.
So who will it be? Well, the bookies have a clear favourite.
Which Champion will come out on top?
According to it looks like former Olympian Shane Gould will walk away as the victor (1.50) with Brian as runner up (4.00) and Sharn coming in third place (5.50).
The 61-year-old swimmer, who broke 11 swimming world records in six different events between 1971 and 1973, showed she was a force to be reckoned with from the first day. Not only did she speed by in any water-based challenges, but she showed her strategic social side when she convinced her fellow Champions to get rid of Lydia Lassila, another former Olympian.
"I thought the social part of Survivor would be my weakness, but it was actually my strength," Shane told TV Week.
"When you've lived for a long time and worked with a lot of people, you learn how to get along in these situations."
According to the bookies, ex-Olympian Shane is set to win.
AFL star Brian Lake, who earned the nickname Grubby over the series, confessed that he's prepared to do "anything" to win the title of Sole Survivor. And with three Immunity challenge wins under his belt, Shane and Sharn have reason to fear their competition.
"I'm probably not at my peak fitness level, I've had 10 surgeries in my football career so I'm never going to be 100 percent, the one thing that is 100 percent is between the ears," Brian said before the show.
Not everyone took to Brian, but after realising he could win over people with his goofy humour, the alliance of Grubby's Gals was formed.
"I didn't try too hard to get an alliance together early on, because I wanted to focus on my strategy in challenges, push the boundaries and distract the opposition," the former Western Bulldogs and Hawthorn player told TV Week.

She may be the least likely to win (according to the bookies) but sharp-minded Sharn Coombes who's been dubbed one of the best criminal barristers in Victoria keeps going from strength to strength.
The mum-of-four can light a fire quicker than any of her fellow contestants, hold onto a pole for a remarkably long time and her sneaky idol plays have led to some major blindsides.
WATCH: Fenella is eliminated thanks to Sharn's hidden immunity idol.
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"If I put my mind to something I want to achieve, I will work at it," Sharn revealed to TV Week.
And after Mat Rogers was eliminated and Brian took over as the alpha male, Sharn says, "I knew I had a fight on my hands, but I was ready for it!"
Sharn's fire-making skills are renowned at camp.