Australian Survivor: Criminal Barrister Sharn has her eyes on the prize

'I have what it takes to win'

By Zara Zubeidi
With just 10 days left to go in the game, criminal barrister Sharn is confident she can win Australian Survivor – if she can get past "King Grubby" Brian, that is.
"As soon as Mat [Rogers] left, Brian saw himself as the head of the tribe," Sharn explains.
"He was calling the shots and dictating who'd be going next. It was very frustrating."
"At this point in the game, you're so close to the end, but still so far. Anything can happen and things change very quickly."
Sharn believes she will be the last one standing.
Despite her concerns, there's no doubt Sharn's strategy is working.
The 41-year-old says she's been "quietly confident" all along and has made it this far in the competition because of her game plan.
"If I put my mind to something I want to achieve, I will work at it," she reveals.
"I knew I had a fight on my hands, but I was ready for it!"
Strategy aside, one of Australian Survivor's toughest elements is, of course, surviving without home comforts and the luxuries of everyday life.
Sharn didn't mind her hairy armpits.
But Sharn says she actually found the whole experience of going without "liberating" – hairy armpits and all!
"When we did the challenge where I had to hold a weight bag over my head, I thought, 'Oh, my God – the whole nation is going to see my hairy armpits!'" she recalls with a laugh.
"But I embraced it. Of course, when I washed my hair for the first time as part of the Ultimate Spa Reward it was amazing because it was getting really matted. Afterwards, I felt brand new!"
Australian Survivor airs at 7:30pm Monday and Tuesday on Network Ten.
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