Australian Survivor’s Shonee: “I thought I would win”

The Contender spills on her ‘devastating’ elimination

By Tina Burke
Shonee became the 21st person voted out of Australian Survivor overnight, with just a few days left in the game.
The 26-year-old was eliminated from the top four, leaving Shane, Sharn and Brian behind to battle it out in the final episode.
"I'm so devo!" Shonee tells TV WEEK of her elimination. "It's annoying when you don't win half a million dollars."
Brian, Shane and Sharn are the final three after Shonee's elimination.
Shonee reveals she was disappointed to have lost out so close to the finish line.
"I definitely wasn't surprised I made it to the top four, but I was surprised I didn't win," she says of her achievement.
"I was so confident I was gonna win I didn't pack any nice clothes to wear in the jury villa!"
Shonee is eliminated from Australian Survivor.
Shonee was the last hope for the Contenders tribe, as she went up against three Champions.
The HR assistant admits it was difficult to face-off against the tribe of Champs.
"Normal, everyday people going up against athletes is quite hard," she admits.
"Even Sharn, she's not a 'Champion' athlete, but she is a marathon runner! Trying to win against those people is SO hard."
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Shonee's close alliance with Fenella saw them both progress far in the game, though they were criticised by some viewers - and even tribemates - who thought they were "coasting" along.
"I mean, if 'coasting along' is being one of two people pre tribe-swap that are in majority every time, organising our tribe to vote out Zach, surviving a tribe-swap, winning individual immunity, and still being the last Contender surviving, if that's coasting along then… they're idiots," Shonee says of the criticism from other Survivor contestants.
As for negative comments from fans on social media, Shonee jokes, "I don't really care. People sitting on their couch can think whatever they want, but I only take advice from people who made it to the top four or better."
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The Australian Survivor finale airs tonight, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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