Australian Survivor finalist Sharn says her son's illness put things into perspective

'It’s helped me in the game.'

By Zara Zubeidi
Being a criminal barrister, Sharn – who this week will compete for the title of Sole Survivor alongside three remaining tribemates – has had to face some pretty confronting things over the years.
But the resilient Australian Survivor star says nothing compares to what she had to go through almost 15 years ago.
Will, her first child, was put into intensive care when he was just seven months old.
"It was very serious at the time," she tells TV WEEK. "He had an undiagnosed kidney issue that made him really sick. He got a urinary tract infection and then became hyponatremic [low sodium levels in the blood], so was in intensive care."
Sharn with her son Will.
Thankfully, her son, who is now 15, made a full recovery. But Sharn, 41, says the scare made her put things into perspective.
"It was so tough," she admits. "Before I went on Australian Survivor, I remember thinking that anyone who sees their child go through something like that and overcome it can do the show.
"If things get tough, I think about that, and it really puts things into perspective. It's helped me in the game."
Sharn will be feeling the heat this week.
With the final two episodes of Australian Survivor airing this week, Sharn is feeling the heat as part of the final four.
However, Sharn says she's been "quietly confident" all along and has made it this far in the competition because of her game plan.
"If I put my mind to something I want to achieve, I will work at it," she reveals.
"I knew I had a fight on my hands, but I was ready for it!"
Australian Survivor airs Monday and Tuesday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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