Australian Survivor contestant Robbie reveals: 'I'm 100% open to finding love on Survivor'

Contender Robbie is single and ready to mingle!

By NW team
If you thought previous seasons of Survivor were heart-stopping, you haven't seen anything yet!
This year promises to be bigger and better than ever before, and if that sounds like a tall order, just hear us out.
The people behind one of our favourite adrenaline-pumping reality shows have decided to mix things up a bit, with a brand new format called Champions vs Contenders.
Yep, that means 12 "everyday" people will be pitted against 12 elites, so expect a takeaway delivery rider to go up against an Olympic medallist to take out the $500,000 prize. It doesn't sound fair, but there it is.
This season is filmed in Savusavu, Fiji, and of course host Jonathan LaPaglia, 48, will be returning to help the contestants navigate through their 50 days on the island.
Oh, and it's also worth pointing out that there's plenty of eye candy too!
One of our faves is hunky Contender Robbie – and good news ladies, Robbie says he's looking for love.
NW caught up with the 26-year-old Construction Manager to find out more.
"My strategy is to be the most liked and adored player," Robbie tells NW.
What made you want to go on Survivor? Have you applied before?
Robbie: I've never applied before, mainly because I never thought I would be selected out of 30 thousand people!
What are you looking forward to most and least?
Robbie: I'm so excited to been thrown into a challenge against the champions and show them and everyone at home that a contender like me can go up against the best. The least would have to be the lack of food -- I love food!
If you could take one thing with you on the show what would it be?
Robbie: My dog.
What would you do with the prize money?
Robbie: I'd put some money into my investment properties. My parents have worked so hard to give me the life I have, so I'd give some to my parents so they can finally relax, travel, and enjoy life.
What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
Robbie: When I travel I love to explore, I've sat on the edge of a gurgling volcano in Vanuatu, climbed mountains in Bali at 1am to see the sunrise, I've snowboarded down some of the steepest mountains in Japan and the Swiss alps. Snorkelled the great barrier reef, basically any opportunity I can I seek adventure.
I can now definitely add Survivor to that list!

Would we recognise you from another reality TV show?
Robbie: No. My ex-girlfriend and I tried out for The Block a couple years ago, we got to the final stage.
Are you going in with a strategy or tactics?
Robbie: My strategy is to be the most liked and adored player that will never give up for his team mates. Because at the end of the day all of us Contenders have the same right to make it to the top two and beat these Champions.
What training and sacrifices have you made to ensure you can face Survivor?
Robbie: I've been training insanely hard, thrashing my body through HIIT training with multiple vomits after sessions. I've been intermittent fasting for 22 hours a day so I can get used to not eating and still performing at my best.
And I've been practising fire making with a flint and machete, as well as playing puzzle games every night. I'm ready to take this game on!
Robbie will be going up against fierce competitors like The Biggest Losers' Steve "The Commando" Willis.
Would you be open to a romance during the competition?
Robbie: 100% Yes. I think some of the people chosen to be on the island would share similar views, strengths and weaknesses as myself.
I'm very much looking forward to sharing this experience with like-minded girls. I love a going on dates generally and meeting new people so I think I will definitely be up for some romance if the right person came along…As long as she doesn't vote me off! [Laughs]
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