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EXCLUSIVE: DS Jason “Foxy” Fox shares his unfiltered opinions on the remaining SAS Australia recruits and weighs in on who will win

''I thought he had a stinking attitude.''

By Laura Masia
In SAS Australia, only the best, most capable recruits make it through the course. While the remaining recruits are desperate to see the finish line, not everyone will pass. Here, DS Jason "Foxy' Fox reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the final five recruits.
DS Jason "Foxy' Fox reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the final five recruits. (Image: Seven)
Sam Burgess
"Sam is a solid character and is very capable. From the offset he has been very good but that could be his downfall because the higher you are, the further you fall. He has been pretty solid but has had a few hiccups so he needs to be very careful," Foxy says.
"There was a moment when he thought he couldn't complete a task but he did with a little bit of coaching. He's going in the favourite but don't be surprised if he doesn't make it."
Foxy says Sam Burgess is a "solid character" and very capable. (Image: Seven)
Mark Philippoussis
"Mark has been an amazing work in progress. When he came in, we thought he was on another planet. Well, he was on another planet, but he has managed to find his way into the atmosphere of Earth. Great person, great work ethic. He's terrible at navigation but he is another favourite if I am honest."
John Steffensen
"John is an energy. He's very funny and I personally really like him. I thought he had a stinking attitude at the beginning if I am honest and I didn't like him, but he is becoming strong in the last phases and he has got an engine on him, I will give him that. He is a fit young lad."
Foxy praised Jana for her strength, saying she is his "absolute favourite because of her sheer stubbornness". (Image: Seven)
Jana Pittman
"Jana probably become my absolute favourite because of her sheer stubbornness to just keep sticking it out. She is a very robust person, strong at most things and the only remaining woman, which is a good thing," Foxy says.
"I would like her to pass selection but I am worried about whether she can sustain the effort she is putting in. She is putting in 150 per cent but can she sustain it? That is my only worry.
Dan Ewing
"I like him, but he pissed me off in the beginning with his meditation. He is an actor but I am always worried about whether we have got the true him. If he can show us his true self before we finish then he has got a very good chance of making it and being there at the end."

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