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Dan Ewing is brutally reprimanded by the DS on SAS Australia's most explosive interrogation yet

“You’re really f—king annoying me now."

By Alana Mazzoni
Dan Ewing has copped an explosive berating by the SAS Australia directing staff (DS) after they accused him of lying to his fellow recruits about a failed challenge.
The drama started after the former Home and Away star failed a task where the recruits were required to manoeuvre a car through a series of explosions and gunfire.
The 36-year-old reversed the car backwards rather than charging through the final roadblock, with DS Mark 'Billy' Billingham telling him he made the wrong decision.
"I acknowledge that staff," Dan said, only to then tell his fellow recruits a different version of events.
The drama started after Dan failed a task where the recruits were required to maneuver a car through a series of explosions. (Image: Seven)
DS Jason 'Foxy' Fox overheard what Dan said to the other celebrities, prompting him to later be called in for an intense interrogation.
"You tried to bulls—t your way out of it because you were embarrassed that you were the only one to reverse out," Foxy told him.
Dan interrupted to say that that wasn't the case, but Billy had enough and screamed at the father-of-one.
"You're really f—king annoying me now," Billy shouted, with his voice so loud that the other recruits heard the argument from their accommodation.
DS Billy screamed at Dan, telling the actor he had no integrity. (Image: Seven)
"We all make mistakes, but we admit it. The key is integrity. You had your f—king chance and I told you that you got it wrong.
"Just take it on the chin and stop trying to find the easy way out. You've p---ed me right off."
Dan appeared visibly shocked by the dressing down he received, before admitting he was in the wrong.
"I don't get my emotions attached from my mistakes. My integrity means a lot to me," he said, before being taken away from the interrogation room.

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