Who will win The Amazing Race Australia 2019?

One team will be crowned victorious tonight...

By TV Week team
After five weeks of ping-ponging around the world, the teams are ready for The Amazing Race Australia finale.
Viv and Joey will face off against Tim and Rod, and Jasmine and Jerome, in the last episode on Tuesday night.
Scroll through to see what the teams – and host Beau Ryan – had to say ahead of the finale.

Viv and Joey

Viv and Joey Image: Channel 10
Heading into the finale, the pint-sized siblings are hoping their strategic smarts pay off.
"Without meaning to sound overly confident or arrogant, we play a pretty strategic game and have strong alliances," Viv, 25, says.
But if taking part in The Amazing Race has taught them anything, it's never to become complacent.
"We're feeling pretty anxious and nervous – we never thought we'd make it this far," Joey, 28, says.
"Our bodies are pretty bruised and battered at this point, but with only four teams left, everyone is a threat. We have to stay strong."
Beau's verdict: "They're survivors. They've faced elimination a few times, but keep going. You can't count them out – they're the dark horses."

Tim and Rod

Tim and Rod Image: Channel 10
The newlyweds are feeling the burn, but with love on their side, can they go all the way?
"We're so super-excited going into the finale," Tim, 29, says. "We can't believe how far we've come. And while our bodies are sore all over, once the adrenalin kicks in, we don't even notice."
And it seems they'll need all the adrenalin they can generate to overcome Tom and Tyler.
"They're our biggest competition," Rod (below), 28, says. "Those boys tend to have a lot of luck on their side."
Beau's verdict: "Their secret power is love – they're so in love, which has helped them a lot. This game can break you, so if you have a partner who always backs you up, that's a huge advantage. People underestimate Tim and Rod, which is their greatest strength. Watch out for them."

Jasmine and Jerome

Jasmine and Jerome Image: Channel 10
The Indigenous couple has been inspirational from the get-go – but they also see the footy friends as the biggest threat heading into the grand finale.
"Undeniably the biggest competition at this point is Tom and Tyler," Jasmine, 30, says. "The results speak for themselves."
But don't count out Jasmin and Jerome just yet.
"Going into the finale, we have a quiet confidence," Jerome, 30, says. "But it's anyone's race."
Beau's verdict: "They were always going to be in the final four because they're so driven. They've made some big decisions that have rubbed other contestants the wrong way, but that's how you win – making the tough calls.
The Amazing Race Australia finale airs Tuesday, 7.30pm, on 10.

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