EXCLUSIVE: SAS Australia star Jackson Warne reveals why he thought he was "letting Australia down"

The professional poker player admits to struggling with his famous surname.

By Joshua Joynes
The last reality TV show Jackson Warne was rumoured to be joining was Love Island, and while sun bathing in a Fiji villa amidst a sea of bikini clad singles might appeal to some, the 21-year-old says becoming a TV star has never been his goal.
"For me, this isn't a TV show. I didn't sign up to be on screen… this isn't like Love Island," Jackson tells Woman's Day, revealing he had no intention of ever appearing on the dating show.
Instead, Jackson says he's using the opportunities of SAS to discover himself.
"For me it was about getting comfortable being uncomfortable, this process really tested that for me. I learnt so much about myself and I conquered my fear of the cold and tried new things.
It made me realise never to take anything for granted again like family, water and food," he says. "The experience was life changing!"
Of course, Jackson is fully aware that his celebrity status has been inherited from his Cricket champion father, Shane Warne, 51, and Yoga instructor mother, Simone Callahan, 50, – who separated in 2005 after 10 years of marriage and share daughters Brooke, 22, and Summer, 19.
"I want to prove I'm not just Shane Warne's son," he says. (Image: Channel Seven)
But being the son of one of the country's most celebrated sporting heroes is not without its challenges, with Jackson confessing it's a "double edged sword", and he has had to be wary of social climbers with ulterior motives his whole life.
"At the end of the day, I am just a regular 21 year old guy who loves the gym, Lego and his mates… and of course the St. Kilda footy club and playing poker," he laughs.
"I have met some really cool people because of my dad and I am so proud of him, I don't resent him at all, but there were definitely some things, when I was younger, that I just couldn't do because our family was in the spotlight," he says.
"It's always a bit annoying when some people message me to hang out and I just don't know if they want to hang out with 'Shane Warne's son' or if they really want to get to know the real me," continues Jackson, who admits his public profile has also setback his love life.
Jackson shares a close relationship with his father. (Image: Instagram)
"When someone reaches out I don't know if it's for their own personal gain, like I don't know if they want to brag about it on social media or to their friends that they hung out with Shane's son," he says.
Adding, "I do have to be careful with who I speak to and socialise with, I want people to get to know the real me".
And While Jackson is hoping audiences will learn to love him for himself, outside of his father's shadow, he can't help but use the constant comparisons to his advantage, especially where poker is involved!
"When we play poker we are very different! We have completely different playing styles. My dad is very competitive and plays aggressively, whereas I am calmer and more patient in the way I play," explains Jackson, who says he likes "bating" his opponents, "I make them think I am dumber than I am."
The 21-year-old outplayed 400 people 
– including 
his dad – at 
a charity 
poker event last year. (Image: Instagram)
And while the father and son love to get competitive over a Poker tournament, Jackson says growing up, he didn't feel pressure to step onto the wicket.
"There wasn't really that pressure because at the end of the day, my mum and dad want me to be happy – they never really pushed me to play cricket or any other sports. However, for myself I always subconsciously thought I was letting Australia down by not giving cricket a chance and seeing what I could do, but I have gotten to the point in my life where I am happy with who I am and what I have chosen to do," he says.
And while poker is one of his interests, a quick glance of Jackson's Instagram, which boasts 19,000 followers, reveals he is something of a model.
Jackson really threw himself into the SAS experience. (Image: Channel Seven)
"I wanted to give modelling a crack before it's something I am not comfortable with so like I said before it's about being comfortable with the uncomfortable," he says, but for those hoping the hunky youngster might one day grace the pages of a fashion magazine, don't hold your breath.
It's a stern "no" from the star, when asked if he'll take his risqué work any further.
"I am very shy in front of the camera," he claims.
Despite enduring cold nights, wet clothes, bland food and exhausting challenges, the Melbourne local says SAS reinstated a great sense of gratitude in his life, and even some new friends.
"Schapelle [Corby] was awesome, it was really cool getting to know her," says Jackson, who admits he didn't know what she looked like before the show, just her name.
"She was so awesome on the course, she really gave it a crack and she was really good at some challenges," he says.

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