EXCLUSIVE: How eliminated Beauty and the Geek’s Aira Charles and Sam Ready found common ground despite their unique differences

''I am such a girly girl and Sam is such a bloke.''

By Faye Couros
Beauty and the Geek is all about two different groups of people coming together to learn from each other.
As for eliminated Aira Charles and Sam Ready, they admit to TV Week that their experience on the show allowed them to bond in a way they wouldn't on the outside.
"I feel like in the show you get a lot of one-on-one time, and I feel because we are so different, it was really interesting to get to know each other," Aira says.
I feel because we are so different, it was really interesting to get to know each other." Instagram
"Especially because I am such a girly girl and Sam is such a bloke, it was so different, but when we sat down and found common ground with each other.
"And just have conversations and see what each other's strengths and weaknesses are, you just learn so much, and you become so close in time."
Sam echoes her sentiment, attributing the strength of their friendship to the one-on-one time they had on the show.
He says, "It was a good way to get to know each other."
As for their unique differences, Aira found Sam's passion for football really eye-opening, and Sam was amused by everything he learnt about crystals.
"I think something for me that was so surprising was how much Sam loves footy. He was really obsessed with it," says Aira, "How passionate he is was so interesting to me."
Sam adds: "Aira, she was really into her stones and spirituality stuff, that some people are into, well a lot of people from what I have seen on the show."
Before Sam left the competition, he had the honour of being the second Geek to have his makeover.
Sam's iconic fro will forever be immortalised. Instagram
Of course, the footy novice took quite a liking to the experience, and he's keen on bringing some beauty tips he learnt into his life after the show.
"That was a great experience. I enjoyed every minute of it even though there was a lot of embarrassing parts, especially when I had to strip down and fake tan. That was something I have never done in my life before, usually, when I do get a tan, it just turns into a nice red sunburn, but this time was different," says Sam.
"I did buy some Bondi Sands the other day, actually, so next time for a special occasion, I may just wipe some on."
For those who took a liking to Sam's afro and were sad to see it cut off, there is no need to fret because it's just a matter of time before it returns.
"It's not the first time it's been cut off, and it's certainly going to grow back again. It's just a matter of time," says the 23-year-old.
Sam after his transformation. Instagram
"I do get a lot of compliments about it which is why I usually like to keep it, especially when I am at work, and people are always like, 'Is that even a real fro?,' and 'surely it's a perm or something like that,' and I am like no it's all-natural."
Aira was equally amazed and impressed by Sam's new look, but her biggest reward that she has taken home with her is experiencing an environment free of judgement.
"With the Geeks, I would have never thought I would have found common ground with them… but when we hung out together, they were just such genuine people, and they're just so beautiful, and you form these really strong connections with them because you can really be yourself and there is no judgement between each other," she says.

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