EXCLUSIVE: Beauty and the Geek's Karly reveals her "light bulb" moment the first time she saw Aaron

Plus, they share host Sophie Monk's "beautiful" advice.

By Catie Powers
Last night on Beauty and the Geek, the eliminated beauties and geeks voted for train driver Aaron and hairdresser Karly to win the show and a life changing $100,000.
Fans agreed their victory was well deserved after the unbreakable bond they formed throughout the experience.
As TV WEEK caught up with the reality stars following their win, it was clear their dynamic has remained unchanged.
"Aaron is that a Seagull in the background?" Karly asks after a screech down the phone line.
"Yeah, there's one next to me. I'm trying move away from it," he replies, Karly jokingly responding, "But he wants your autograph!"
Aaron and Karly were over the moon to win BATG. (Image: Nine)
From day one, the beauty was adamant on being paired with Aaron.
"It's going to sound crazy to some people, but when he walked out onto that field I don't know what it was," she says.
"I've said this to Aaron, it was a little bit of like a light bulb moment. It was almost slightly spiritual for me. I tunnel-visioned. I don't know how to explain it, but I just knew he was my boy from the start. And look at us now."
Aaron felt the same way from the beginning, telling us: "I remember back on the very first day when we'd all just moved in and how she went rogue and I came to know at that moment, this would be us."
As well as a new lifelong friendship, the winners pocketed a whopping $50,000 each in prize money.
The stars have big plans for their prize money. (Image: Nine)
During the finale, Aaron bravely revealed his missing teeth to his fellow reality contestants, explaining he was going to put the winnings towards dental work to rebuild his confidence.
"And then whatever's left over, I'm going to use to fly around. Just going to see everyone," he tells us.
Beauty Karly also has travel in her future, as well as some property plans.
"I am going to use it for a house deposit for my first home. And I'm going to put a little bit of it towards travel now that I can actually get on a plane and go to Europe."
WATCH: Aaron reflects on his time on Beauty and the Geek. Article continues after video
Aaron's smile isn't the only thing that's changing, with the geek having received quite the spectacular makeover during his time on the show. Aaron assures TV WEEK that his new look is here to stay.
"This is probably my best wardrobe in a long time," he says.
"I've been keeping that up as best as I can. It's not every day you get the opportunity for a professional to help you out so much. And I thought I'm just gonna make the most with the assistance that I've been getting and do my best."
"Yeah, they get a new bl--dy wardrobe and what do we get?" Karly jokes.
In all sincerity, Karly is more than fulfilled with the new friendships she's gained from the show, as well as the advice she received from host Sophie Monk.
Karly and Aaron had nothing but praises to sing about host Sophie Monk. (Image: Nine)
"She is so down-to-earth. What you see with Sophie is what you get on and off screen. When we were off screen, she would come and talk to all of us there," Karly says.
"She is so loving and supportive and encouraging and just had nothing but such beautiful words for us. And I think at one point she was just like, 'you guys have made it here. You have all been so perfectly picked to be here and to represent either a beauty or a geek. Just live in a moment, 'cause it goes very quick'."
The presenter told them both to "laugh it up and love it" while it lasted.
Aaron was quick to affirm Karly's words, saying the former Bardot singer was "very supportive".
"I remember during one of the mixers I had a really nice one-on-one chat with her and she was really lovely and genuine."
As for what other reality show the pair would like to have a go on, they're keen on Travel Guides or the Amazing Race, though admit they would bicker constantly.
"Traveling around the world together would be great," Karly says. "Or like something like the Amazing Race, but I reckon Travel Guides is less hectic and you just get to have more fun. I'm not very good with direction, I mean, I didn't believe that there was sunset in Sydney."
"If we did the Amazing Race we'd be at each other's throats," Aaron muses.
"We'd want to kill each other," Karly agrees. "But at the of the day we'd be like 'I love you, no more fighting'."
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