My Kitchen Rules

The reason why MKR's Kim Tran is nowhere to be seen, and why the producers tried to hide it

A confronting health scare saw the producers cut her time on My Kitchen Rules short.

By Helen Vnuk
This week on My Kitchen Rules, fans will be quick to notice Melbourne mum Kim is missing from the MKR elimination house.
Now, TV WEEK can reveal the real reason the 38-year-old was nowhere to be seen.
Fellow MKR contestants Roula, 34, and Jess, 31, say Kim suddenly became very ill while they were dining.
They say her health woes sent shockwaves throughout the competition.
"Kim looked really pale," Roula remembers.
"We all asked, 'Are you OK?' And she said, 'Yeah, my head's not feeling well.' We were concerned."
Jess adds that Kim hadn't been feeling well that whole time.
"Then she just really went downhill," she says.
Melbourne mum Kim had to be taken from the set.
TV WEEK understands mother-of-three Kim became so sick, the reality show's producers were forced to remove her from set.
"They took her off the table," Jess recounts.
Although, she's not clear on what exactly caused Kim's sudden bout of sickness.
"I just know that she was incredibly unwell," she says.
Thankfully, Kim seemed to make a good recovery.
"She's a tough cookie, that one," Roula adds.
Suong says her friend needs to look after herself.
Having to leave the competition temporarily was no doubt a huge blow for Kim, who said she applied for the series to show her children that anything is possible.
"She's a fighter," Suong, 38, says of her high school friend.
She adds that Kim needs to look after herself more.
"She's a perfectionist and very sensitive," she says.
"She doesn't handle criticism well. With lack of sleep, not feeling well and the pressure, we're sometimes not ourselves."

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