My Kitchen Rules

Who is kicked off My Kitchen Rules? We reveal what went down between Jess and Emma and Sonya and Hadil

It's the moment we've been waiting for as one team is shown the door.

By Kietley Isrin
After months of speculation and promos, one team will soon be booted out of the My Kitchen Rules competition for the first time in the reality show's history.
As Channel Seven prepares to roll out the explosive episodes, TV WEEK can exclusively reveal what really went down between Jess and Emma and Sonya and Hadil – resulting in one pair leaving the competition for good.
The drama and non-stop bickering kicks off during sisters Jess and Emma's Super Dinner Party.
It's here that best friends Sonya, 34, and Hadil, 30, stir the pot, slamming the girls' cooking abilities before questioning their spot in the competition.
"Definitely not the top eight we expected in this competition, but it's going to make it easier to beat them," Hadil boasts. "The fact that they're here is an insult to anyone that can cook."
The bickering between Jess and Emma and Sonya and Hadil gets out of control.
The comments don't sit well with Jess, 31, and Emma, 38, who find them "offensive". It's not long before the foursome start hurling insults at one another across the table.
"You think you're a princess, but a real princess wears diamonds, not cubic zirconia," Sonya, who owns her own fashion and PR business, says to Jess.
An angry Emma then comes to her sister's defence, saying, "You look like Bubba Gump."
This infuriates Hadil, who decides to make things personal.
"I've got a really good doctor you can go to that could fix your ugly face," Hadil tells Emma.
Disgusted by the girls' behaviour and actions, judge Manu Feildel is forced to step in when the other teams take sides, culiminating with Hadil threatening fellow contestant Josh.
"This behaviour is unacceptable," Manu, 45, says. "Hopefully this is the first and last time [someone is sent home]."
Sonya and Hadil hurl offensive comments at their fellow contestants, while Emma sticks up for her sister Jess.
Chatting to TV WEEK, Jess, who is yet to see the edited episode, says she has no regrets about fighting with Sonya and Hadil.
"They started getting personal and went really low and nasty, so I don't give a s**t," she says bluntly.
"I own everything that I do on set. I knew what I was getting into and I know why I said what I said."
Meanwhile, Josh believes the women's outrageous behaviour was all for show.
"They all have strong personalities," Josh, 36, points out. "They got plenty of airtime, so they know how to get publicity, let's put it that way."
As for getting caught up in the drama, Josh is adamant it was never his intention.
"Nic and I tried to step away from that vibe," he says. "It's not really our style. We were there for the competition, not anything else. We saw the bigger picture, others didn't."

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