My Kitchen Rules

EXCLUSIVE: Emma won’t apologise for calling Rachael a ‘cow’ on My Kitchen Rules

Emma stands by her heated remarks.

By TV Week team
While My Kitchen Rules has seen its share of dramas, the latest feud has been described as one of the "biggest blow-ups" in the show's history.
All hell broke loose during Kim and Suong's instant restaurant round last night when Emma and Jess started arguing with rivals Rachael and Roula at the dinner table.
But when Emma called Rachael a "cow" to her face, fellow contestants and fans were shocked.
"You're just snapping like a little cow," Emma, 38, said.
A visibly upset Rachael, 21, stormed out of the restaurant in tears.
WATCH: The moment Emma calls Rachael a cow (story continues after video)
"They're fat, they're fake and they're ugly," Roula, 34, was heard telling her teammate before the pair returned to the table.
Now, months after the incident, TV WEEK can reveal Emma and Jess still have no regrets about what went down on screen.
"Rachael was being a cow, so I called her out on it," Emma explains.
"I was getting angry at Rachael because they'd just come off their cook and they were upset with their score. They accused us of attacking them personally. But really, we just didn't like their food."
Emma adds: "Cow was the nicest thing I could think to say, to be honest. There were worse things going around in my head!"
These teams have been feuding since the beginning.
So does Emma regret her insulting remarks?
"I stand by the fact she [Rachael] deserved it, but I don't want her losing sleep over it," Emma says.
Meanwhile, younger sister Jess, 31, is proud of Emma for speaking up.
"To this day, Rachael deserved it," Jess says. "She was being really aggressive and in everybody's face and just nasty about everything."
Asked whether she and Emma considered comforting Rachael after she stormed off, Jess says: "No."
She adds: "The way I see it, don't start fights that you can't finish. Don't run off because you don't like what you hear. I was proud of Emma for finally saying something."

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