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MKR fans left fuming after finale delayed over an hour due to Scott Morrison's late night press conference

''This is ridiculous!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
MKR fans are furious that the hotly anticipated finale of My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals was significantly delayed on Tuesday night, stretching across an agonising two hour-long episode, as Channel Seven interrupted the nail-biting broadcast to screen Prime Minister Scott Morrison's late night coronavirus press conference.
The PM addressed the nation at around 9pm, just as MKR judges Pete Evans, Colin Fassnidge and Manu Feildel, were preparing to unveil their final scores, revealing whether Jake and Elle or Dan and Steph would take home the coveted title and $100,000 in cash.
The start of the program was delayed by half an hour, beginning at 8pm, because Seven had an extended one-hour news special on coronavirus.
Combined with the PM's longer-than-expected press conference, anxious viewers had to wait until well after 10pm to find out the result.
After more than two hours, brother and sister duo Jake and Elle took out the top spot.
Jake and Elle celebrate after being crowned the winners of MKR for 2020. Image: Channel Seven
The sibling duo celebrate with judges Manu and Colin. Image: Channel Seven
Jake, 27, and Elle, 29, say they plan to use the $100,000 prize money to grow their Eat Street Northshore business, which is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions.
"That's epic! It means so much to us," Jake said of the result.
Elle added: "My little brother is the bee's knees. I just love him inside and out. He's got a beautiful personality and he's great at what he does and I love that he has the courage to be who he wants to be. I wouldn't want to do this with anybody else."
But despite the happy outcome, viewers vented their anger at Seven and the PM on Twitter, angry at having to stay up late to find out the result.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison held a press conference late on Tuesday night, updating Australians about the latest COVID-19 rules. Image: Getty
MKR fans were left fuming by Channel Seven's decision to delay the outcome of the finale. Image: Channel Seven
Here's some of what MKR fans had to say on Twitter:
This year's season of MKR has been packed full of drama, with a shocking love triangle between Roula Kfoury, Ben Key and Lauren Matthews, as well as drama between Romel Kouyan and well, everyone.
But despite the onscreen antics, sadly that hasn't translated into impressive ratings.
Channel Seven removed the show from its coveted Sunday night programming schedule in February, and reduced the number of episodes screening a week to just three, as MKR struggled to keep up with the Channel Nine's ratings juggernaut, MAFS.
WATCH BELOW: MKR kitchen myths busted. Story continues after video.
While some viewers expressed their disdain with the new format and endless drama across the table, this week beloved judge Manu Feildel shared his view on why he believes the show is "slowing" down.
"The competition is great, the food is great, unfortunately there is a bit too much fighting between the contestants," Manu told Now To Love earlier this week.
He added: "I wouldn't blame that for the low ratings."
Instead, the popular celebrity chef says it comes down to viewer exhaustion.
"We've been on air for 11 years," he explained.
"There are other shows on other networks that people prefer to watch, that's just the way it is."

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