My Kitchen Rules

EXCLUSIVE: Manu Feildel spills on MKR cancellation rumours and the key to a happy marriage with wife Clarissa

And he's revealed why he thinks the show has taken a dive in the ratings.

By Maddison Hockey
When My Kitchen Rules returned this year for its eleventh season, it did so with a new format designed to breathe new life into the long-running reality series.
Unfortunately, it didn't quite work.
MKR: The Rivals has struggled to attract viewers, and a noticeable dive in ratings has had many questioning if the show will return next year.
Manu with fellow judge Pete Evans. Image: Instagram / @manufeildelofficial
While some viewers expressed their disdain with the new format and endless drama across the table, beloved judge Manu Feildel shared with Now To Love why he believes the show is "slowing" down.
"The competition is great, the food is great, unfortunately there is a bit too much fighting between the contestants," Manu said, adding: "I wouldn't blame that for the low ratings."
Instead, the poplar celebrity chef says it comes down to viewer exhaustion.
"We've been on air for 11 years," he explained.
"There are other shows on other networks that people prefer to watch, that's just the way it is."
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Lasting more than a decade on our screens is an impressive feat for any show.
Manu explains he's surprised and grateful for MKR's success.
"Every year we go on TV we think 'My god, it's been nine years, my god it's been 10 years, my God it's been 11 years.' Everyone was surprised.
"It might not be the end of it yet but, it's slowing down and that's by natural process."
The MKR judge has teamed with L'OR Espresso. Image: L'OR Espresso
Outside of the MKR kitchen, Manu has been lending his expertise to L'OR Espresso to develop a series of aphrodisiac-rich recipes, designed to "add excitement, love and lust to any relationship."
If anyone knows how to add a little spice and seduction to a meal, it's Manu.
Manu and wife Clarissa on the way to the AACTA Awards. Image: Instagram / @manufeildelofficial
The French chef also shared how he keeps the romance alive in his own relationship with wife, Clarissa.
"We cook everyday and that's what we love doing, we cook for each other, and my wife is a great cook," he revealed.
"Spending time together and making sure you don't take each other for granted. You know, sometimes when you've been together for too long, you kind of forget what the relationship started with."