Masterchef judge Melissa Leong's most breathtaking fashion moments on and off the screen

Fashion and food - she has it all.

By Faye Couros
Melissa Leong's fashion moments on Masterchef are almost a better reason to tune in than the food.
Every episode, without fail, she looks put-together, radiant and comfortable, and this is down to her incredibly wearable wardrobe, which wasn't something allowed for women on TV for a long time, so seeing a Melissa in these fabulous outfits is such a step forward.
However, Melissa doesn't just star bright in the Masterchef kitchen; she also has her red carpet and event looks down pat.
In November 2020, Melissa spoke to our sister site Who and revealed a very approachable take on fashion.
"I do love fashion as a mode of self-expression, and I appreciate it for being wearable art," she said.
She also explained how she views her style and what types of cuts and colours she loves.
"I have two styles: maximalist and minimalist, and it depends on how I feel on the day as to which part of my wardrobe I head to.
"What never goes out of style for me are well-made classics. I like to try and spend more on less, in that regard," said Melissa.
The judge made the hilarious comment on the second episode of Masterchef 2021 that she rarely compliments anyone who isn't her for their earrings.
She made it very clear that when she speaks jewellery, she is serious, and accessorising is one of her favourite parts of putting a look together.
"Killer accessories can elevate any outfit," Melissa told Who.
Peep all her best looks, below.