EXCLUSIVE: MasterChef's Khanh shares his difficult coming out journey

“It was hard for me to accept who I was."

By Melissa Field
While MasterChef contender Khanh Ong's family accepted his sexuality, it was hard to be a gay teenager at his all-boys high school.
"I switched schools when I was 15 and effectively had to go back into the closet," Khanh, 27, tells TV WEEK.
"It was a hard time."
Things haven't been easy for the MasterChef star. Image: Instagram
After nine months there, Khanh was relieved to return to Melbourne's Haileybury school.
"I felt more accepted at that school, but at 15, I also thought I was the only gay kid in school," Khanh says.
"It was hard for me to accept who I was then."
Minus 18, a charity that supports LGBTQIA+ youth, helped Khanh at that time.
"I had one gay friend then, who suggested I come to an event," he says, adding that it allowed him to "meet my people!"
Khanh is often wearing his charity T-Shirts on screen. Image: Instagram
Khanh is selling the 'You Are Loved' T-shirts he wears on MasterChef to raise funds for the organisation.
"I had hoped to raise $5000, but we're up to $25,000!" he says.
"It feels so good to give back when they helped me so much."

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