Masterchef kitchen confessions: The judges reveal their top 6 secrets from the set

''Prince Charles was amazing!''

They've taught us to quenelle and consommé, and now, after 10 seasons, countless Aussies consider themselves MasterChefs. Judges Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan have been there since day one.
"Like any good marriage, we've learnt tolerance and are very intuitive of one another," Gary explains of the show's longevity. "We also have a rule where we can each be grumpy once each day!"
Here, the boys spill six secrets from behind the scenes…

1. A-list guests

Stars love the show – even Prince Charles wanted in, so he'll be appearing this season!
"He was amazing," gushes Matt. "It was wonderful to watch him work the room. He was far removed from that cold and aloof image some have of him."
The Dalai Lama was also "wonderful", George explains.
"I loved how he stayed so neutral. He refused to say anything bad."
And Nigella Lawson has become so fond of MasterChef, Gary says she calls the judges her "naughty brothers!"

2. Their fave dish ever

"I still remember Alvin [Quah's] drunken chicken from season two," tells George. "It was so delicious."
Matt reveals "no-one" cooks lamb like Julie Goodwin, while Gary says it's always "emotional and lovely" to eat something Poh Ling Yeow makes. Living the foodie dream, guys!

3. The ex-contenders

"Throughout the years I've kept in touch with a lot of the contestants," says George. "But Poh stands out for sure. We've got a wonderful connection, she's a wonderful human being and I love her to bits."
Gary says he has too many favourites to mention, but the "class of 2009" is a special group because it was the first.

4. Battle of the bulge

Being a judge isn't easy on the waistline!
"I keep active because I've got two beautiful kids and a beautiful partner who I want to be around for," says George, who lost 20kg after they crept on.
"But a six-pack isn't happening!"
"Oh my God, look how young we look and look how badly dressed we are!"

5. What gets up in the judges grill

"Matt is always late," says Gary. "He once described himself as 'no prisoner of time'. George can be annoyingly positive from the moment he wakes up. He's also constantly on his phone."
George reckons it's Gary's obsession with boxing that's irritating, while Matt says deconstructed foods get to him. LOL!

6.The fashion, darling!

Matt's always been known for his flamboyant style – especially his cravats – but he finds looking back at the trio's earliest outfits cringe-worthy!
"I look at our old publicity shots [above] and think, 'Oh my God, look how young we look and look how badly dressed we are!'"
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