MasterChef Australia fans appalled by Bondi Icebergs Chef's "tough" treatment of contestant Sashi

“Ah, I haven't poured the mushroom broth yet, so...” Sashi trails off, clearly lost.

By Holly Royce
MasterChef Australia has come to the start of finals week, with the final four left to battle it out for the top spot.
Last night's episode saw the final four upping their chef game and cooking up a storm at Sydney's famous Bondi Icebergs restaurant under the watchful eye of the restaurant's head chef, Monty Koludrovic, making one dish each for 30 hungry diners.
While cooking at Bondi's iconic white swimming club may seem like a dream challenge to some, MasterChef fans aren't happy with the way Monty Koludrovic treated contestant Sashi Cheliah, calling the interaction between the two "condescending" and "too harsh."
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What happened?

The incident fans are calling "bullying" occurred when Sashi attempted to create a pumpkin, pine nut raviolo with mushroom and red wine sauce, despite pasta not being one of his strengths in the kitchen.
Monty attempted to advise the contestant against the dish, but Sashi persisted, only to cave to the pressure of the pro kitchen and the presence of chef Monty watching over his efforts.
"Monty is on my back," the want-to-be chef said to screen.
Monty did not cut Sashi any slack for his sub-par cooking attempts and at one point mad him apologise to the waiters on live TV.
"Have you got anything to say to the waiters?" Monty asks.
"Ah, I haven't poured the mushroom broth yet, so..." Sashi trails off, clearly lost.
"What about, 'Sorry, I'm so late,'" Monty replied in what many called an unnecessarily condescending tone.
Sashi in the kitchen with Monty.
While some fans were quick to defend Sashi, others were more than ready to point out that this is just how it is in a professional kitchen, basically insinuating, if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Monty did congratulate Sashi at the end saying, "Bravo, well done, you got there. You gave me a scare."
At the end of the day it was Khanh who won a place in the semi-final.
MasterChef Australia airs Sunday to Tuesday on Ten at 7.30pm.