MasterChef Australia's Brendan Pang suffers horrifying accident on the show

The aspiring chef was sent straight to hospital.

By Maddison Hockey
Warning: This article contains graphic images.
Tonight's episode of MasterChef Australia had us on the edge of our seats, but not for the usual reasons.
In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the brunch challenge, 24-year-old Brendan Pang took a shocking fall, smashing a glass bottle and cutting his hand open. He immediately knew the severe gash needed medical attention.
"There was a lot of blood," Brendan tells TV WEEK of the incident. "It's probably the most horrifying injury I've ever had."
Brendan suffered a 'horrifying' injury in tonight's episode of MasterChef Australia.
As his teammates ran to his aid, it was clear the wound was serious. And Brendan was sent straight to hospital.
"I needed 13 stitches," he explains. "[But] the pain came later on. I think in the moment of being in the MasterChef challenge I didn't really feel anything."
Brendan needed 13 stitches after sustaining an injury' in the MasterChef Australia kitchen.
Despite the nasty injury, the Perth based social worker was most concerned about leaving his team one person short.
"I was really disappointed," he reveals. "I wanted my team to win. I didn't want to let them down."
But that was far from the concern of his fellow teammates, who were only worried about Brendan's health and safety.
"They said 'we'll do this for you'" he recalls. "I know now my health comes first and I really had to leave."
Brendan, top right, had the support of his fellow MasterChef Australia contestants.
Fortunately, Brendan didn't suffer any severe damage to his hand. It's healed well.
"I've been quite lucky. It's healed really nicely and my hand is fine. I didn't cut through any tendons or muscles," he says.
Now able to reflect on the accident, Brendan sees the irony of avoiding all the hazards of the MasterChef kitchen – flames, knive and boiling water– only to be taken down by a bottle of olive oil.
"It's kind of funny," he laughs. "It was just a freak accident."

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