Married At First Sight

They do! Here's who marries who on Married at First Sight 2018

11 strangers, 11 weddings. Married at First Sight is finally back and it's more explosive than ever.

By Bella Brennan
Married at First Sight fans, rejoice! Season five of MAFS is officially back in one of the most dramatic premieres to date.
After meeting the 22 brides and grooms tonight, we can finally reveal who marries who, if sparks fly, or if it's a big old flop.
The premise of the show sees couples who have never met before tie the knot, go on a honeymoon, meet the in-laws and live together - all in front of the cameras!
The matchmakers have promised us more scandal (is it really possible to top Cheryl Maitland and that video?) and love stories than ever before.
And with only two remaining couples from the whole Aussie franchise, the pressure is on the experts to get it right!
So sit back, relax and enjoy the Married at First Sight premiere...

Sarah and Telv

The first cabs off the rank are Sarah, 38, and Telv, 33.
After a heartbreaking double miscarriage and a painful break-up, Sarah wants to find her soul mate.
She describes herself as "bo-glam", explaining: 'It's like bogan, but glamorous!"
But she promises she's not high maintenance.
Telv, 33, WA - Machinery technician.
Sarah, 38, VIC - Beauty specialist.
"I promise from this day forward, you will not walk alone," Sarah promised Telv in her vows.
"Wow, the experts have absolutely nailed it," Telv beamed when he first laid eyes on his bride. "She's quite curvy and she has an incredible smile."
And the feeling was 100% mutual, with Sarah describing her hubby as "lovely bloke."
"I did feel a spark!" Sarah confessed.
The couple were cracking each other up even before exchanging vows.
During their wedding photo shoot, Sarah's crush on Telv grew even deeper. "He's the real deal, I'm sold," she said.
At their reception, Tracey's brothers put Telv through the wringer but ultimately end up kind of giving him their underwhelming tick of approval.

Tracey and Dean

Tracey, 34, and Dean, 39, have been tipped to be this year's disaster couple.
And when you see the matchmakers spend about two seconds deliberating over why they'd be a good couple and cite the fact that Dean's dopamine will go into overdrive because Tracey's tall you can see why.
Oh, and she's also a relationship expert and motivational speaker who makes a living out of inspiring women to be independent... and he's stuck in the 1950s.
Or, as Dean puts it: "In a relationship I need to be the leader. I'm the man, I've got no problem being the man. I like to be in charge with what we do in our life. Men have lost their masculinity in Australia."
What could possibly go wrong?
Tracey, 34, WA - Marketing consultant.
Dean, 39, NSW - Executive creative director.
When Tracey and Dean met at the altar, the spark was instantly there.
"As soon as I turned around, everything just changed. It's a massive relief. She's got a good body, she's tall but not too tall. A really good rig, just beautiful," Dean commented.
"As soon as I looked in his eyes, I could tell he's a kind person and the spark is there," Tracey agreed.
The pair's vows promised loyalty, respect, love and fun before they shared a very passionate first kiss.
But before we get swept away in the romance of it all, Dean and his no-filtered approach ruined the moment when he proclaimed of his new wife: "I'm not going to lie. I definitely kept looking down at her chestal* area. That's just another bonus, really."
Later in the night, Tracey and Dean bonded when the 39-year-old opened up to her about the passing of his mother and father.
Dean's best man Liam stirred the pot when he tried to manufacture some drama over the fact Tracey hadn't told her hubby about her eight-year-old daughter, Grace.
When Tracey finally tells Dean, he can barely hide the shock.
"Oh my god! It's thrown me a little bit," Dean stammered, like a deer in the headlights. "It's a bit of a shock. It's definitely freaked me out a little bit."
*Not an actual word.