Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight fans have A LOT of feelings about this year’s picky grooms

Opinion: it's time for televised toxic heterosexual male energy to end.

By Maddison Hockey
Married At First Sight isn't exactly known for its caliber of stand-up contestants but this year's grooms are a whole other level.
To put it bluntly there's a lot of misogynistic and superficial values being openly aired as though we're living in the 1950s.
During this week, the very first week of the show, we've seen Cameron share his concern busy working mum Samantha doesn't go to the gym (as though she has the time) and radio presenter Bryce tell wife Melissa she's not really his type but also "not ugly".
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The crème-de-la-crème of crass comments however, came from Sam who revealed he "needs" a woman with boobs, during his honesty box session with wife Coco.
"It's frustrating for me, because it's like, I need a girl with boobs, and it's like, not everyone has big boobs. Do you know what I mean? So it's very frustrating," Sam explained.
Excuse us? (Channel Nine)
A woman's worth and attractiveness shouldn't be determined by her cup size, so no, we don't know what you mean Sam.
And, neither did viewers at home.
Twitter exploded in fury over Sam, Cameron and Bryce's behavior, labeling it "toxic heterosexual male energy", something we've all had enough of.
See some of the most poignant (and a few giggle worthy) reactions below.
Last time we checked it was 2021; this outdated sexist troupe should have been done a dusted long ago.
One of the most watched shows on our screens depicting this kind of behaviour is only enabling and giving a platform to dangerously misogynistic conduct.