Married At First Sight

MAFS REUNION DRAMA: Jessika, Martha, Ines and Nasser in Cyrell's firing line

There's more drama than all their seasons combined.

By Woman's Day team
It's car-crash TV, but the long-awaited Married At First Sight reunion is set to be the most compelling drama on the box this year.
With producers plonking the partner-swapping castmates of season five next to the potty-mouthed contestants of season six, fireworks were guaranteed... and they delivered!
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Woman's Day has learned that viewers can expect plenty of action over two episodes as household names like Cyrell, Nasser, Ines and Jessika finally get to air their simmering tensions and dislikes of each other.
We're told "Cyclone Cyrell" is A-grade viewing, with the fiery brunette and new mum – to son Boston with Love Island's Eden Dally, 28 –milking her unexpected return to the limelight by confronting every contestant she doesn't like.
In the firing line? Jess, Martha, Ines and Nasser.
Cyrell has a few bones to pick... (Channel Nine)

And the villain award goes to... Nasser

Sources say Nasser, the self-proclaimed "favourite celebrity" of Australia, also commands the spotlight, accusing almost everyone at the dinner table of being "seat fillers and not real stars".
Things heat up when just about every MAFS contestant calls out Nassar for trolling them at various times, but he doesn't take kindly to the criticism and doubles down on his insults. Only three contestants come to his defence – Ines, Lizzie and Seb.
Nasser also commands the spotlight during the explosive reunion. (Channel Nine)

Jess vs Cyrell: Baby trap drama

We're told the most cutting words of the night come from straight-talking Jess, who'd been threatened with violence by Cyrell on social media earlier in the day and "baited" across the table all evening by her.
"You baby-trapped Eden to stay relevant," says Jess. "In fact, your whole relationship with Eden is fake. He never wanted to be with you, and he doesn't now."
Fiery Cyrell doesn't hold back, and it's deja vu when she hurls a glass of wine into Jess' face and launches into a foul-mouthed tirade. One source says producers had to restrain and drag Cyrell outside to cool off!
We're told the most cutting words of the night come from straight-talking Jess. (Channel Nine)

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