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From pay cheques to dinner party disputes: ALL the scandalous drama from the Married At First Sight reunion has been leaked

And it is JUICY.
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As soon as news broke that Married At First Sight was set to produce a reunion special, we knew we were in for some of the most drama-fuelled reality TV we’ve ever seen.

We’re yet to even set our sights on a promo for the two-part special but we’re already hearing about all the scandals set to play out on screen.

There’s almost too much to keep up with, so we’re rounding up some of the biggest dramas to come from the show’s filming, below.

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The actual show

After a few very big seasons of MAFS, this year producers were promising more genuine connections. But that may have ultimately equated to a lot less drama.

According to gossip podcast So Dramatic! the long-discussed MAFS‘ reunion went ahead at the last minute to counterbalance this apparently not-so-spicy upcoming 2021 season.

“The new season is such a bore. Nothing really happened and everyone was really well-behaved,” podcast host Megan Pustetto says.

“So they’re bringing back the most outrageous and outspoken contestants the franchise has ever seen. It’s all about rating and shock factor for them,” Megan claims a production insider told her.

Drama gets the ratings.

(Channel Nine)

We’ve suspected the two-episode TV event would play out similar to a MAFS‘ dinner party or commitment ceremony, and according to the podcast, it’s going to be both.

“It’s going to be split into two big nights. Night one will be the dinner party and night two will be the sit down with the experts. There are no rules, contestant can talk about whatever they like,” Megan explains.

Who got paid what

It’s no secret reality stars get paid to appear on their respective shows, after all they’re giving up jobs and incomes to partake.

Exactly what the returning MAFS stars are being paid however, has been hotly debated in recent days.

The podcast alleges Davina Rankin, who was originally matched with Ryan Gallagher before setting her sights on fellow groom Dean Wells in season five, was offered one of the highest sums to return.

“Davina was someone they really wanted to get but she said no. She reportedly turned down a whopping $40K. She said she wants nothing to do with them, she has well and truly moved on,” Megan claims of the mother-of-one.

Davina has well and truly moved on with her life.

(Channel Nine)

MAFS‘ success story, Cam and Jules Merchant were reportedly in “negotiations” to appear on the special too, before they “pulled out last minute.”

Megan went on to add: “One contestant claims Cam and Jules asked for $50K for the two days. They were going back and forth in negotiations and didn’t get the amount they wanted so they pulled out last minute. “

“They just couldn’t match their asking price,” another source allegedly told the podcast host.

The highest paid at the reunion is fellow success story Michael Brunelli and Martha Kalifatidis.

“Michael and Martha reportedly got the most, about $15K between them, which is huge.”

According to the podcast Ines Basic was paid $10K with Mike Gunner also receiving a similar amount, Dean Wells reportedly received $8K while the rest of the contestants were paid “around $3K”.

Michael and Martha are allegedly one of the highest paid returnees.

(Channel Nine)

The drama

Aside from an alleged disagreement between Dean Wells and Ryan Gallagher which was eventually resolved, much of the drama is said to come from the season six stars of the show.

“It was insane, I was disgusted to be a part of it to be honest,” one contestant reportedly told the podcast host.

“It was all great down our end of the table but every time we looked down at their end they were screaming and pointing at each other’s faces.”

Ines, Martha and Jessika were labelled “mean girls” by fans.

(Channel Nine)

Nasser Sultan was spotted leaving his hotel early after an argument broke out at the dinner party.

“I’m out of here, I’ve had enough. I got attacked tonight by the whole dinner party and I walked out,” he told the Daily Mail on night one of filming.

Nasser revealed the chaos began when Cyrell Paule demanded an apology of him for allegedly “trolling” her while pregnant with her son Boston, who she shares with Love Island star Eden Dally. The star also denied ever “trolling” Cyrell.

“It started, she wanted me to apologise saying that I’m a troll and trolled her while she was pregnant. She went off.

“Three times I tried to apologise and she just kept at me and at me.”

“I thought the best thing to do is to walk out.”

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