Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: MAFS groom Mat says he still misses his ex and her son

“There’ll always be something there.”

By Helen Vnuk
After Married At First Sight groom Mat Lockett opened up in Sunday night's commitment ceremony about his concerns on his connection with wife Alycia Galbraith, he has revealed to TV WEEK that there's still "something there" with his ex-girlfriend.
The plumber from Victoria says that he was going out with a single mum about a year before he went on the show.
"I'd moved in with her, and she had a little boy," he says. "We're actually super-close friends even now, still. I try and catch up with her because I miss her little boy as much as I miss her.
Mat and Alycia on their wedding night
"There'll always be something there. But we just clashed, personality-wise. It's the first relationship I've got out of where it's like, 'A damn shame it didn't work.'"
Mat, 32, says it was his ex who got him watching Married At First Sight.
"I watched the show last year and I had a bit of a man crush on Simon [McQuillan]," he remembers.
After Mat was chosen for the show, he had to break the news to his ex that he would be appearing on it. He admits she "wasn't super-happy" the first time he mentioned it to her, but she came around.
"She was actually quite supportive throughout the show, so I'm pretty lucky. She's a very lovely person."
Mat says he "absolutely loved" being close to his ex's little boy. He says the idea of starting a family is "massive" to him – more so than the idea of getting married.
"I was looking for a partner to hopefully have little kids, because I feel like there should be little mes running around, annoying people... same way I did to Mum, I guess!"

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