Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Mat reveals what had him worried after meeting his new bride

“An alarm bell went off.”

By Helen Vnuk
There's no doubt that Mat and Alycia really hit it off at their wedding. But Mat reveals to TV WEEK that there was one thing Alycia said at the reception that left him worried.
Mat and Alycia had an instant connection.
"When we sat down, Alycia told me that she doesn't drink, and I sort of had a little bit of an alarm bell go off," he explains. "I hadn't dated someone that didn't drink before."
The 32-year-old plumber from Victoria explains that drinking is not a "massive" part of his social life.
"She mentioned how passionate she was about not drinking," he adds. "I'm not a huge drinker – I like to have a beer on a weekend, but that's not something I'd be looking to give up either. So that, to me, was just like, 'Oh, I wonder if this girl's going to get sick of me having a beer?'"

Mat admits he did get "a bit carried away" drinking with one of his best mates the night before he was supposed to get his wedding ring measured.
The next morning, his dad made him take a breath test before he drove to the jewellers.
"I think I blew .09 or something, so lucky he made me do it," he remembers.
"I wasn't allowed to drive, but I had to go and get it measured up that day, so Mum goes, 'I'll take you.' She told me that I still reeked of alcohol so I had to go and put some of Dad's aftershave on!"

Apart from that one reservation about Alycia not drinking, Mat thought he had a "massive" connection with her when they first met.
"I definitely felt there was a spark," he says.
In fact, his first impression of her – after he turned up an hour late to his own wedding – couldn't have been better.
"Seeing that she was pretty forgiving about me being late, I felt pretty comfortable that I was going to be with her, an easygoing person," he explains. "And obviously, I thought she was absolutely gorgeous."

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