Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Shock: Mark leaves Ning after heartbreaking fight

Mark walks out on his bride after a turbulent day

By TV Week team
The rings are off! Well, Mark's ring is, after yet another heartbreaking fight with his bride Ning on Married At First Sight.
Though the couple got off to a rocky start on their wedding day - thanks to Ning's poorly delivered jokes and jibes - the relationship between the newlyweds seemed to have blossomed over the last week. But things took a turn for the worse during "Yes Week," ending with Mark walking out on Ning.
For one of their "Yes Week" activities, personal trainer Mark took Ning to the gym for a very serious and not-at-all enjoyable PT session. As Ning put it "I don't actually… gym." She tried to have fun with it, but Mark wasn't impressed by her light-hearted attitude.
"It probably irritated me that at the very start when I was just trying to give her very simple and basic instructions, she wasn't trying to do them properly," Mark told the cameras.
After doing a handstand, Ning was chastised by her husband.
"You're just mucking around aren't you," Mark said.
"But that's my attitude!" Ning replied. "Why can't I still be fun and be myself?"
The pair began fighting about the amount of effort she'd put in to their date, with Ning telling Mark "I don't see you like this, you're a different person when you're here. I just can't believe you have to take things seriously all the time."
After their uncomfortable quarrel in the gym, Mark arrived home to their apartment to find Ning in tears. Though, believing he did nothing wrong, he did not apologise to Ning for what she described as "disrespectful" behaviour.
Later in the evening, their spat became a full-blown heartbreaking fight.
"What are you doing here? I came here for something real and you're half-a—ed in here," Ning yelled at her husband.
"I think that I've put in 100% in this relationship and it's just now at the point where I believe that there's no coming back," Mark told the cameras.
"I just don't understand how you could not feel anything, it's just stupid," Ning said as they continued to disagree.
"It is stupid, this whole argument is f---ing stupid," Mark retorted, sliding off his wedding ring.
"I just want someone who can feel things," Ning said, wiping away tears.
"Well, go and find that person then because that's not me," Mark replied.
As Ning continued to cry, she revealed she was dissapointed she had come on the show in the first place.
"I'll just tell you that if I knew I was just going to get this person who just gives up on me…" Ning trailed off sobbing. "It's like you're a f---ing man child who says I don't like where this is going, I'm finished, see you later."
At this point, Mark grabbed his key and walked out of their apartment.
Things don't look too good for the rollercoaster couple, as they head towards the second dinner party and following commitment ceremony.
Here's hoping they can work things out!

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