Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s Jessika taunts Jules: 'Cam's attracted to me!'

Could yet another Married At First Sight wife swap be brewing?

Tensions between the older and younger brides have been simmering since they met each other at the hens night, and now Woman's Day can reveal that at the centre of the explosive divide is a bitter feud between Jules, 36, and 27-year-old model Jessika.
"They always kept their distance when they had to film as a group," reveals a spy.
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"They have nothing in common."
But could there be more to their spat then just a generation gap?
Amid the claims of their feud, Jess made the shock declaration to Woman's Day that Jules' husband Cam is more attracted to someone like her, and suggests this is why Jules doesn't like her.
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Sprung! Jess' comment on Cam's photo would no doubt be a worry for Jules. (Images: Instagram, Channel Nine)
"I heard Cam's description of the bride he wanted was blonde, sporty and good-looking," says Married At First Sight bride Jess.
"Maybe that played on Jules' mind when I was there."
Jess, who's married to Queensland farmer Mick, also recently left a flirty comment on Cam's Instagram.
"Looking handsome Cam," she wrote, along with several love-heart emojis.
WATCH: Cam and Jules talk about starting a family. Post continues...
For Jules' part, she says she and Jess clashed over social media.
Talking to Woman's Day, Jules says it was obvious which participants were taking part in the show for fame rather than love, and hints Jess was one of those people.
Still, Jess insists Jules has her all wrong.
"At this stage I can't be bothered having a conversation with her. We're definitely not in contact."
Sources say Jules and Jess have "nothing in common." (Image: Channel Nine)

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