Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's controversial contestant Dean: "Don't judge me"

Is Dean really as sexist as he appears?

By TV Week team
Before Married At First Sight even premiered, Dean was being labelled "sexist" and "misogynistic".
A promo for the show featured him declaring he liked a girl who was "girly" and who knew that he was "in charge".
He said: "I want to be the alpha male and she needs to respect me as the man. I think that's the traditional role that still exists in a lot of countries in the world and Australia's lost that.
"A lot of guys are afraid to be men now and they're getting whipped by their women. I don't agree with that."
WATCH: Dean and Tracey meet at the altar (story continues after video)
In last night's premiere episode of Married At First Sight, he was paired with 34-year-old relationship expert Tracey, who according to her, she likes a 'man's man'.
During their wedding ceremony, Dean, 39, said to the camera: "I'm not going to lie. I definitely kept looking down at her chestal area. That's just another bonus, really."
So far, he's just what the promo painted him out to be.
But the executive creative director from NSW doesn't want people to assume too much about him.
"I hope a lot of people can withhold their judgement until the show starts and they get to know who I am and what I am all about," Dean says.
He insists he has no problem with his future partner being career-driven, smart and strong.
"I like a woman who just wants me to care for her and can be a little vulnerable and feminine," he explains.
Dean adds that the kind of relationship he described in the promo is what's worked best for him in the past. He says his past loves have liked it.
"All my partners have been supportive in coming forward and saying they loved the way I treated them," he says. "They love that I was a more of a manly man – able to be caring, responsible and nurturing."
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