Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight Honeymoon Island: Who's in and who's out?

“Oh my God, I’d be in like Flinn! Sign me up!”

By Karina Recchi
It's the Married At First Sight spin-off series that has gained a legion of fans over in the US, and now whispers have emerged that Married At First Sight: Honeymoon Island is on its way to our shores!
The show, which sees former participants flown to an island paradise and left to their own devices to strike up a second shot at love, premiered for the first time in America last year. And as gossip that the series is arriving Down Under grows louder TV WEEK checks in with some former favourites to see who's in and who's out.


Dean and his bride, Tracey.
He professed his love to on-screen bride Tracey Jewel during the vow renewals, but it wasn't meant to be. Now Dean says an appearance on the spin-off series is a "possibility".
"I'd consider it if I had a guarantee that I'd be treated with respect… and try to match me with someone based on the criteria [I provide]," he tells TV WEEK.
"On season five they matched me with someone who was just not right for me. But I'm still single and looking to find the right partner to spend the rest of my life with."


Jo is keen to appear on Honeymoon Island.
It was over before it began for Foxy Jo Jo, as she was affectionately known, and her groom Sean.
Now, the Adelaide-based single mum is back in the game and has her eye on a few MAFS rejects.
"Oh my God, I'd be in like Flinn! Sign me up" she says. "I think everyone knows [who I'm keen on] – Matty [Lockett]! Or Mick from this year… Or actually Hayden from the New Zealand MAFS!"


Mel and Dino didn't go the distance.
Meditation guru Dino wasn't the right guy for Melissa, but she may find The One on the spin-off series, as her best friend Jules Robertson puts her forward.
"She has the most amazing body and she deserves love," gushes Jules. " She deserves a better shot with someone who is more suited to her."


Nick and Sharon didn't find everlasting love on MAFS.
When he walked down the aisle and met twin Sharon Marsh, it looked to be a fairytale for Nick.
They'd shacked up together post filming, with Shaz making the move from Perth to Melbourne, and even had each other's names tattooed on their bodies. But the fairytale came to an end for the couple, and now Nick tells TV WEEK he's up for another go on the show.
"I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain," he explains.


Telv's marriage to Sarah Roza was not meant to be.
After his relationship with Sarah Roza fell apart following the reunion, single dad Telv Williams has continued to look for love.
And if he's yet to find love by the time filming begins, Telv says he'd consider packing his bags and try his luck again.
"I'd be open to it if I'm single at the time," he confesses.


Ash and her groom Troy.
Ash had her heart broken when her groom Troy Delmege surprised the cast by arriving at the reunion in the arms of another bride Carly Bowyer.
But the flight attendant is ready to bounce back, telling TV WEEK she's interested and would love to learn more about the formula.
"I would definitely consider going on it. I couldn't say 100 per cent yes or not without finding out more but it could be fun."

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