Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight viewers flock to support Bronson after his disastrous wedding to Ines

From eyebrow rings to stripper shaming, this bride did not hold back.

By Alex Lilly
After watching last night's episode of Married At First Sight, we think we've found Australia's most long-suffering groom.
Viewers were blown away by bride Ines Basic and to say we've never seen a bride quite like her is a bit of an understatement.
From the moment she declared "Some people won't like me, but I don't really care," we knew she was going to be one to watch, but it's Bronson Norrish who everyone is feeling bad for.
Ines managed to criticise everything about her new husband from his eyebrow ring to his former career as a stripper, leaving viewers outraged.
And despite his positive and friendly attitude, fans of the show doubt anyone, even Bronson, can handle the level of negativity that's being thrown his way and rallied behind him on social media.
Could this be the most disastrous pairing of all time? (Image: Channel Nine)
From the moment she saw Bronson at the altar, Ines confessed, "When he smiled, I first wanted to punch him in the jaw. I don't know why it was just like my instincts." Hardly love at first sight.
Mere seconds after introducing himself, his new bride then said, "Hi Bronson. can we get rid of your eyebrow ring please?" adding that it "concerns" her.
Even his heartfelt vows didn't win her over.
"He said he had country boy charm? It just doesn't turn me on. I'm getting a very inbred vibe," she stated in a piece to camera.
Didn't think she could get any more outrageous? When Bronson confessed he started his career out as a stripper, she likened it to being a former heroin addict. Needless to say, she didn't make many friends last night.
"Bronson has been through heaps in life, pretty sure he doesn't need to deal with this piece of work," one viewer tweeted.
"I know they're doing this for ratings and to create controversy but strippers and other people that work in the sex industry don't need more voices sh--ing on them jfc," another wrote.
"Ines: Hi Bronson, can we get rid of your eyebrow ring please? The rest of Australia to Ines: Can we get rid if your sh--ty personality please?" said one more.
It wasn't until Bronson's dad made an emotional speech at the reception that the ice started to melt and Ines showed some compassion. But to be honest, you must've been a robot to not shed a tear at this.
"Bronson's dad is the loving paternal role model and champion all men need," best-selling author Clementine Ford penned on Twitter.
"Bronson's Dad is lovely ❤️ Ines does not deserve to come into their family," said another.
WATCH: Bronson's dad gives an emotional speech at their wedding. Post continues...
Ines made it very difficult to sympathise with her, but we learned in her first episode that her upbringing was difficult.
After her family fled Bosnia during the war in the 1990s, Ines watched her mum give birth to her younger sister in a refugee camp and confesses she didn't really have a childhood.
"She's brutally honest and headstrong, but that is deliberate to prevent herself getting hurt, because she's had to look after herself all her life," expert John Aiken says.
Fingers crossed Ines and Bronson can make it work.

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