Married At First Sight

EXCLUSIVE: Tracey Jewel inks US deal to write tell-all book about MAFS

"Nothing will be off limits," an insider reveals.

Tracey Jewel may already have two books under her belt as a successful author, but the best is yet to come.
Since Tracey's last release, Don't Mess With The Goddess, in 2016, the writer has done more than put pen to paper. And she has some fabulous stories to share.

NW can reveal she's scored a lucrative deal with an American publishing house to distribute her upcoming tell-all book internationally.
"Tracey couldn't believe it when she found out the publishers had made her an offer," an insider tells NW.
"She knows that there's a lot of pressure with the book being distributed in America to make it scandalous, so nothing will be off limits.
"A lot of the Married cast are worried what she'll write about them, especially as she was often scribbling notes during filming," our insider adds.

In fact, when pressed by NW whether or not her experience on Married At First Sight provided her with enough stories to put together a tell-all, she laughed. "Just a bit of drama," she said, coyly.
In case you're wondering what to expect from Tracey as an author, in the blurb of Don't Mess With The Goddess, Trace describes it as an "empowering guide to forging success, establishing independence and finding balance for a truly satisfying life through modern day spirituality".
"This playbook takes a fresh holistic approach in applying certain thinking patterns and behaviours that will drastically enhance the quality of your life," the blurb continues.
"Tracey Jewel shares her personal journey of how she transformed her life, offering her stories as a guidebook for discovering, embracing and inspiring a life you love to live."

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