Married At First Sight

MAFS' Tracey Jewel reveals why she stayed for Dean Wells

Plus, the secret call she received from Davina!

There's a question stunned Married At First Sight viewers are asking: why did Tracey write "Stay" after finding out her "husband" Dean had been seeing Davina behind her back?
But Tracey tells TV WEEK there was a reason. In fact, a couple of reasons. Firstly, she needed closure.
"If I wrote 'Leave' there and then, I would walk away and never see Dean again," Tracey, 34, explains. "I wasn't prepared to do that, because I wanted to see the text messages. I wanted to get to the bottom of it."
Secondly, she didn't want Dean to get away with it.
"I thought, 'I'm going to teach him a lesson. He needs to take responsibility for his actions, and make it up to me.'"
The marketing consultant from WA did get to the bottom of it, just a few hours after the commitment ceremony.
After crying "a lot", she turned to Dean.
"I wanted to know, play by play, exactly what transpired," she says. "I wanted to see all the texts, which he showed me. It wasn't pretty."
Tracey was determined to find out exactly what happened.
Tracey reveals Davina also called her that night.
Davina, who is "married" to Ryan, had expected Dean to write "Leave" at the commitment ceremony, then re-enter the experiment with her.
"She was apologetic and trying to make out that Dean had completely blindsided her too," Tracey recalls.
"She was kind of being the victim: 'I can't believe Dean has done this to me.' I heard her out, but I was like, 'I'm dealing with my own stuff right now.' I felt sorry for her, but I didn't have much sympathy."

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