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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Mitch Eynaud and Ella Ding announce they're ready for the next step in their relationship

It looks like these two are going to make things last!

By Woman's Day team
Long-distance love isn't an easy ask. So Mitch Eynaud tells Woman's Day he's willing to pack up his world and move from his home on Queensland's Gold Coast to Melbourne in order to make things work with his Married At First Sight bride Ella Ding.
"When you share something as special as we have, you'll do anything," admits Mitch, 27.
"Our relationship is in a great spot," continues the former model. "It's a bond I haven't shared with anybody before."
Ella, also 27, agrees the couple are in a good place.
Mitch Eynaud wants to be closer to his Married At First Sight bride Ella Ding.
"I do feel secure with Mitchell now," she tells after sharing her struggles with insecurity on screen. "Chemistry is the glue for us."
Things have certainly come unstuck when it comes to the group, though.
Ella admits relationships hit "a new low" when a racy picture of makeup artist Domenica Calarco, 29, began circulating among the brides and grooms.
The brunette star says she "wasn't impressed" the photo hadn't been shared with her but says it "makes sense".
"I would have gone straight to Dom and prepared her going into the dinner party," she says.
WATCH: Relive Mitch and Ella's wedding day. Story continues after video.
"And obviously no one else had that intent to give her a heads-up."
Ever the realist, Ella says she sees conflict on the horizon for her and her groom, too, once they're back in the real world.
"Mitch and I will have our differences outside the MAFS bubble," she admits. "It will come down to compromise on both ends."
But Mitch says the pair are "already planning our future together".
And while love is the main prize on offer for this year's participants, if Ella and Mitch can spin their 15 minutes into lucrative influencer careers, that will be the icing on the wedding cake!
Mitch and Ella are ready to take their relationship to the next level.
The pair say they're inspired by the post-show success of season six couple Martha Kalifatidis, 33, and Michael Brunelli, 31, who are still going strong in both their relationship and their influencer careers.
"They are a super happy and successful couple and that would be awesome if we could grow and build a business together post-show while still having each other's backs and having a strong relationship," Mitch tells.
"Becoming an 'influencer' wasn't something I considered before going into the experiment. Love is the priority for me," says Ella.
"I have said to myself if love fails then maybe I'll put effort or more energy into exploring what opportunities show themselves that align with me."

‘Olivia sends shivers down my spine’

WATCH: See Olivia and Domenica's heated argument on MAFS. Story continues after video.
"When I first met Olivia I just felt in my gut there was more to her," Ella says of teaching student Olivia Frazer, 28, who's been dubbed this year's "villain" after her ugly clashes with fellow bride Domenica.
"Now that I do know her more, she isn't the kind of woman I'd be friends with. She's reminded me how grateful I am for the wonderful-natured humans I have in my life."
In fact, Ella tells Woman's Day, "It gives me shivers down my spine thinking of the words that came out of her mouth toward my good friend [Dom]."
While Ella says she isn't one to have drama in her real life, she said it was "a given" she'd defend Dom when it came to her feud with Olivia.
"I stand up for what's right and worth my energy," she says.

Behind-the-scenes secrets

The couple admit everything isn't as it seems on TV. (Image: )
Personality swaps
Ella tells Woman's Day on-camera and off-camera Mitch are different people.
"The Mitchell I got to know is the guy who swept me up! He's very different when the cameras aren't rolling.
"I have never laughed with anyone like that! He was also a lot more relaxed."
Timeline tricks
While contestants are often shown looking bleary-eyed and with serious bedhead, former contestant Michael Brunelli says things aren't always as they seem.
"The morning scenes aren't filmed right when you wake up," he revealed on social media. "They're filmed mid-morning or afternoon."
Michael says he and Martha "would get up, eat breakfast, go to the gym and then be told we're filming a wake-up scene, so we'd jump back into our PJs and producers and camera crew would come in to film".
Michael and Martha have revealed behind-the-scenes secrets about the show. (Image: Instagram)
Dinner deviance
Divide and conquer is the producers' rule for the infamous soirees.
"They want the dinner parties to be as explosive as possible," says season five's Tracey Jewel.
"You rock up at noon and sit in a tent until 4pm on your own and you have all these emotions bubbling to the surface and seething before you walk in."

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