Married At First Sight

“He was like a dog with a bone”: Married At First Sight’s Michael and KC spill surprising details about their sex life

Too much info? No such thing for these oversharers.

By Erin Doyle
After their on-screen "marriages" to other people on Married At First Sight came crashing down, Michael Goonan and KC Osborne picked up the pieces by hooking up with one another.
And a month on from the reality show's explosive finale, the couple is still going strong – and they are even self-isolating together.
But despite their romance moving rather quickly, the pair made a surprising confession on KIIS FM's Kyle & Jackie O show on Wednesday.
Former Pussycats doll dancer KC admitted she and Michael didn't rush into becoming intimate with another as she revealed, "We actually became boyfriend/girlfriend before we had sex."
KC and Michael revealed they their relationship official before jumping under the sheets. Image: Instagram
It appears if it was up to Michael however, the duo would have ended up between the sheets a lot sooner.
"Very traditional, I know. It's usually try before you buy," he said as he described the situation.
KC agreed that Michael was fairly persistent in trying to get a physical connection happening.
"He was like a dog with a bone. I didn't want the drama, but I just caved in and I'm glad that I did," she said.
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Earlier this month, Michael and KC took to Instagram to confirm they were together and slammed rumours their relationship only existed as an act of revenge.
According to KC, she and Michael had "no intentions of getting together". She explained that the first time they met for a drink was a month after the show and Michael was still with another girl and their friendship "just blossomed from there."
KC said her original "husband" Drew Brauer was aware of her and Michael's relationship and was okay with it.
"Drew knew, Drew was supportive and I just wish that more people were more supportive instead of throwing shade on my new relationship," KC wrote.
She added: "I wish we could all just move on and be happy for each other and just remember that we weren't really married. It was an experiment to see if we could stay married or be in a serious relationship with our partner after and sometimes things just happen."
Despite their respective relationships on MAFS failing, Michael and KC found love with one another after the show. Image: Channel Nine

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