Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight's Michael and KC are officially together and slam claims it's a revenge relationship

Well, that was fast.

By Alex Lilly
It wouldn't be Married At First Sight without a couple swap, and we finally have our first official one.
Season seven villain Michael Goonan and KC Osbourne have re-coupled and the dancer has taken to Instagram to confirm the news, adding that it's nothing to do with revenge.
Michael and KC are the first official couple swap of this season. (Images: Nine Network)
KC, 31, took to her Instagram to confirm that she and Michael are all loved-up and said that one MAFS bride "rattled her" with what she had to say of the new relationship.
"Lizzie [Sobinoff] and I were friends the whole way through the experiment and you know I really really liked Lizzie so it's very disappointing to hear her say that Michael's just with me out of revenge and that I'm a bad friend because I was close with Stacey in the experiment," she said on camera.
According to KC, she and Michael had "no intentions of getting together". She explained that the first time they met for a drink was a month after the show and Michael was still with another girl and their friendship "just blossomed from there."
"Drew knew, Drew was supportive and I just wish that more people were more supportive instead of throwing shade on my new relationship," KC added, referring to her on-screen husband with whom she's still friends with.
KC says she and Michael had "no intentions of getting together." (Image: Instagram @kcosborne_)
KC went on to say, "I wish we could all just move on and be happy for each other and just remember that we weren't really married. It was an experiment to see if we could stay married or be in a serious relationship with our partner after and sometimes things just happen."
She continued: "I didn't plan this, I didn't set out to hurt anyone's feelings and I'm not a girl that's going to mean girl and form little armies and say nasty things about people but it is disappointing to hear people say that this relationship is a revenge and all these things when I'm genuinely happy and found someone that I want to be with."
At the end of the clip, Michael hops into the frame and plants a kiss on his new girlfriend saying, "Aww baby! Love ya!"
It's official! (Image: Instagram @kcosborne_)
Rumours of KC and Michael's budding romance first sparked when the couple were spotted looking cosy at a Melbourne restaurant.
And according to their MAFS co-star Natasha Spencer, their relationship is getting serious fast with the pair self-isolating together and getting to know each other's families.
"And now KC is now getting followed by Michael's sister, Stacey never got followed by Michael's sister and Michael's baby mama told Stacey that Michael's reached out and said he wants KC to meet her and the kid," Natasha told Now To Love.
KC was partnered with Drew on the show. (Image: Nine Network)
KC and her on-screen husband Drew may not have worked out romantically, but we had a feeling that the two wouldn't work out in the real world, judging by a resurfaced interview that addressed their very different lifestyles.
In an exclusive video interview with Now To Love, KC was asked if she'd prefer an adventure holiday in a tent or a fancy trip away at a five star hotel, to which KC responded with a knowing smile, "Well my husband um husband could answer that and it would definitely be in a five star hotel."
Watch KC's full Two Minute Speed Date in the player below.

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