Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s James has been spotted kissing a woman who isn’t his TV bride Joanne

Another failed MAFS marriage?

By Maddison Hockey
It may be a case of the experts hoping opposites attract, but aside from both being single parents Married At First Sight couple Joanne Todd and James Susler didn't appear to have a lot in common on their first meeting.
While the bride and groom hit things off on their wedding night self-confessed Kmart lover Jo was quick to notice the difference in her lifestyle to that of the prestige car company owner.
"We're getting along like a house on fire, but I noticed that he has this Rolex watch, so I am worried that we are from completely different worlds,' she said.
"I'm a Kmart shopper and he looks like a Rolex shopper, so this will be interesting."
Jo and James seem like the perfect examples of opposites attract. (Channel Nine)
While all seems to be running as smoothing as could be expected on MAFS, a few clues have surfaced hinting at the couple's fate.
The 39-year-old single mum has been spotted shopping with her kids, her ring finger noticeably bare.
It may not be an obvious tell but perhaps her groom James being spotted kissing another woman is evidence enough of an impending split.
Groom James was spotted with another woman. (Instagram)
In video footage obtained by the Daily Mail James can be seen at a Melbourne night club getting cosy with a mystery woman.
"He was seen dancing the night away, they were kissing on the dance floor and he clearly didn't care who saw," a witness told the publication.
The 44-year-old was also reportedly spotted chatting to former MAFS bride Stacey Hampton in the VIP section of the venue.

The father-of-three told producers at the start of the season he was looking for someone to love him for him, and not his wealth.
"I have deliberately hidden my wealth when I've dated... because I genuinely want someone who's going to love me for who I am, and not the lifestyle, money and cars," he admitted.
He added: "Success and wealth can give you a lot of things, but it definitely can't give you love."

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