Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight’s Beck breaks her silence to clear up THAT finale bombshell

''I cannot possibly apologise for what wasn’t true...''

By Maddison Hockey
Coming into the Married At First Sight finale, it's safe to say almost every fan was anticipating drama.
But what they got was D-R-A-M-A so unexpected and shocking it sent the internet into a collective MAFS meltdown.
Fans will know the show's experts surprised everyone with a video diary from Beck Zemek which had accidentally recorded the bride kissing another man during her trip home to tend to her sick dog, Oscar.
At first Beck claimed the man in the video was her brother, but quickly came clean it was a former flame.
Beck appeared stunned by the video. (Channel Nine)
Beck has remained silent since the show ended and has been the focus of a lot of trolling and outrage online.
The 27-year-old has finally spoken out about that final episode in a lengthy Instagram post.
"And just like that the #MAFS journey has come to an end. Although Australia didn't get to witness all events and just a perception, it doesn't extract from the experience I had, and with some of the most amazing people," Beck began.
"Although I cannot possibly apologise for what wasn't true, in the small fraction of which was the truth I am deeply sorry for my mistake, as that's all it was, as I am human too. I think it says a lot about a character in how we handle mistakes by owning and growing from them. None of us are perfect, we have all done things, and I'm here to be real about it."

Beck spoke to KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O this morning in one of her only post-show interviews and set the record straight on that video.
"It wasn't anything sexual, if they showed the whole thing it lined up with my story which they also edited out of the final episode," she told the radio hosts.
"I was not allowed to leave my house, I was not allowed to take Oscar to appointments, I think I was there [at home in WA] about 12 hours. In the original footage you will see this guy come over and be really excited to see me, it's not blurred out, and you can see its not sexual kissing.
Jake seemed rattled by the revelation. (Channel Nine)
"And then I'm like don't get carried away, you're here for my dog I'm married, made a little bit of a joke about it," she explained before adding: "He grabs the dog and leaves."
Kylie and Jackie then asked why the bride felt the need to lie and say the mystery man was her brother, to which Beck responded that she made a joke that was then edited to look differently.
"I made a joke…It's edited in a way that I'm so certain it's my brother but I came clean."
Channel Nine have been contacted for comment.
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