Married At First Sight

Everything we know about the secret romance Married At First Sight’s Beck reportedly had while filming


By Alex Lilly
Bryce Ruthven's secret girlfriend rumours may have been the hot topic of Married At First Sight season eight, but turns out he's not the only one with an alleged special someone on the outside.
It's safe to say that Beck Zemek and Jake Edwards' TV marriage was far from fairytale even though they committed to each other at the final vows.
From their awkward wedding day through to the numerous times Beck wrote "leave" at Commitment Ceremonies, there have been more dramatic twists and turns than we'd care to count.
But now, rumours are a'buzzing that when Beck went home to Perth to visit her sick dog during the final weeks of the experiment, she reconnected with a secret boyfriend behind Jake's back.
Beck and Jake got off to a rocky start. (Channel Nine)
According to The Wash, a former flame picked Beck up from the airport when she landed in the WA capital.
The pair shared a kiss and in an awkward twist, the whole thing was caught on camera seeing as Beck was vlogging through the airport.
Judging by trailers for the reunion finale, the footage is played in front of all the experts and contestants, including Jake, who asks in a clip from Sunday's episode: "Can we watch it again?"
We'll all be tuning in... (Channel Nine)
Seeing as she was pretty hurt to learn of Jake and Booka's New Year's Eve kiss, we reckon Beck will have to answer a lot of questions...
Beck's on-screen arch nemesis Bryce Ruthven also dropped a very telling remark that another guy was in the picture
At Fitzy and Wippa's MAFS Dinner Party event, Bryce's bride Melissa confirmed that she and Bryce hadn't had any contact since filming.
The radio hosts then brought up the fact that Beck and Jake hadn't consummated their marriage to which Bryce coyly remarked: "She was missing a boy back home."
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Beck had a go at Jake for kissing Booka. (Channel Nine)
When pressed about the alleged mystery man, Bryce came back with a cryptic reply.
"She wants to talk about me a lot [so] I should probably talk about her, shouldn't I," Bryce answered.
"I'm not going to say yes or no to that, I'm just going to say watch the reunion."
Beck and Jake made the surprising decision to commit to one another at the final vows but by the time the reunion dinner party came along, the two had called it quits.
Jake wasn't impressed at the reunion dinner party. (Channel Nine)
The MAFS bride then brought up that Jake had kissed fellow co-star Booka on New Year's Eve - something that Booka later revealed she regretted.
"It wasn't necessarily the kiss that impacted the relationship however it was more Jake and his accountability afterwards," Beck told 9 Entertainment.
"Being blamed for it. I guess being told that it didn't happen. It was just all the dishonesty that came with it over and over, not even one day after even though he knew I'd seen the footage."
"I think that was where the undoing was. I didn't want to be with someone who couldn't just own it."
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