Married At First Sight

MAFS favourites Mat and Alycia reveal the truth behind their split

They share why they just couldn’t make their marriage work.

By OK! team
Despite having viewers convinced that these two were meant to be, Mat Lockett and Alycia Galbraith tapping out of the experiment on Married At First Sight pretty much crushed our souls.
Especially when they seemed to hit it off almost instantly!
But in an OK! exclusive, Mat says their relationship was doomed from the start.
The 32-year-old plumber put Alycia on a pedestal from the moment they met. And while he was still physically attracted to her, Mat believes their marriage collapsed because he never "fell" for Alycia, as they were such different people.
"She's got this innocence and I'm a brat," he says. "I felt uncomfortable around her," adding that their differences were too numerous to overcome.
"It massively bothered me that we had nothing in common," Matt admits. "I like to party, she doesn't drink. I like to sleep with an open window, she likes 500 blankets. We don't even like the same fruits! We're very different people."
Though Mat firmly wanted out and Alycia still believes he quit too soon, they can agree on one thing. "I think he switched off when he found out I don't drink," Alycia reveals.
Mat and Alycia seemed like a perfect match, with viewers convinced they would last 'til the end!
And just in case anyone was hoping for a happy reunion, Alycia is making no such promise. "I'll be civil to him, but we're not friends," she says, reflecting on the way Mat handled the situation.
The only one more heartbroken than Alycia - "I'd never considered that we wouldn't work," she says – was he brother Edan, who bonded with Mat at the wedding.
"He told my brother Edan that I was in good hands with him," she says. "When I told Edan that we'd separated, he said, 'I'm so sorry, Alycia, I trusted him,' and that just broke my heart all over again," admits the 28-year-old.
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