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Which couple will win Love Island Australia 2019?

It's coming down to crunch time!

By Alex Lilly
We've seen more re-couplings and bombs than we ever imagined but now we're finally at the tail end of Love Island Australia for 2019.
Over the last few weeks, we've seen countless couples but now there are just three loved-up pairs left standing: Anna and Josh, Cynthia and Aaron and Cartier and Matthew.
So who will emerge the winners? Well, we have a pretty good idea.
To spice things up, one person from the winning couple will be offered to split the $50,000 prize money with their partner or leave them high and dry and keep the cash for themselves.
But seeing as everyone loves a good love story, and no one in the history of the franchise has kept all the money for themselves, we're willing to bet that won't happen.
In fact, according toAussie bookmakers BetEasy, the odds are at $1.22 that both members of the winning couple will choose love over the dosh.
Keep scrolling to see our comprehensive breakdown of who will be the Love Island Australia 2019 winners.
Who will be crowned the winners? (Image: Nine Network)

Josh and Anna

They've been the Villa's hot couple for weeks now and as the only official boyfriend and girlfriend on the show, we're pretty sure Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham are the ones to take the prize.
Both are placed at 1.35 to come out on top on BetEasy and it's not hard to see why.
"As soon as I met her, we were vibrant, we got on really well. Every time she smiles and we chat, I just get this warm, fuzzy feeling inside," mortgage broker Josh said when he first coupled up with model Anna.
Anna and Josh make one cute couple. (Image: Nine Network)
Even when faced with temptation by the Bomb Squad, Josh only had eyes for Anna and officially asked her to be his girlfriend during Tuesday's episode surrounded by flower petals galore.
"That is like literally the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for me," Anna said after they made it official. "It was so thoughtful."
WATCH: Love Island's Anna in a Hilltop Hoods music video. Post continues after video...

Cynthia and Aaron

Cynthia Taylu and Aaron Deacon-Shaw may not be as popular as Anna and Josh, but their budding romance is certainly blossoming.
Model Cynthia had to make some cut-throat decisions with Sam and Maurice, but once former soldier and model Aaron came on the scene, sparks were flying.
Could Cynthia and Aaron be this year's winners? (Image: Nine Network)
The bookies have placed Cynthia at 4.50 and Aaron at 5.00 so they may not be the front-runners but still could be in with a chance.
However, there have been claims floating around that Aaron isn't on the show for the right reasons and may not be as genuine as he seems. After all, he was on The Proposal just a month before he arrived in the Villa.
Don't you break our precious angel's heart, Aaron!
Watch Aaron on The Proposal in the player below. Post continues after video...

Cartier and Matthew

Last but not least in the Love Island trio of couples, we have Cartier Surjan and Matthew Zukowski.
The romance between the born-again Christian lifeguard and model slash wrestler has been fairly recent but after their previous relationships fell through, it looks like both Cartier and Matt have found what they were looking for.
It's relatively fresh, but Matt and Cartier's romance is getting stronger with every day. (Image: Nine Network)
Like Cynthia and Aaron, the couple are trailing behind Anna and Josh with Matt coming in at 4.50 and Cartier at 5.00.
While we had high hopes for Matt and his former flame Vanessa, it was Cartier and her bad boy Adam who were the fan favourite couple until they figured out opposites really don't attract.
"Cartier actually had told me that she would of stepped forward for Matthew at the beginning, that she had a bit of a connection with him, but Vanessa, you know... Vanessa scared her away," Adam admitted to Now To Love.

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