Love Island

Love Island Australia: Cynthia sent Sam packing but did she make the wrong decision?

Fans of the show are outraged!

By Anita Lyons
Holy dooley! Love Island Australia is finally starting to heat up and on Monday night, we had our very first "dumping".
And while it's never nice to see anybody go home, this particular exit stung - because frankly, the wrong guy was sent home.
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During the first re-coupling ceremony of the season, host Sophie Monk told the islanders that a sexy single female would be the one to leave, however, when Phoebe Thompson chose to couple up with Cassie Lansdell (forming the first ever same-sex couple on the show) the tables were turned.
One-by-one, the ladies made their choice and after the obvious pairings coupled up (Adam and Cartier, we stan) - it was Cynthia Taylu's final decision that would make or break the future of two men on the island - DJ Sam Withers and Maurice Salib.
In a shock move, Cynthia chose to couple up with Maurice, ultimately because Sam had friend zoned her, while Maurice had shown her "interest".
Cynthia's decision was between Sam and Maurice. (Source: Channel 9)
Throughout the day, Cynthia had shown that she was unsure of her feelings towards the two men - and while Sam's attentions were elsewhere on Vanessa Sierra, she grappled with the fact that Maurice had potentially lied about being single for a year.
When Cynthia confronted Maurice during the day about his "girlfriend", Maurice told her that: "It was never really 'official official', no. We were just seeing each other, yeah.
"Never boyfriend and girlfriend, we were seeing each other, but it was never serious."
However, fans of the show were having none of Maurice and his "excuses".
WATCH NEXT: Love Island's Cynthia sends Sam home over Maurice. Story continues...
Once the decision was made, fans flocked to Twitter to share their disgust over the decision, ultimately saying that Cynthia had sent the wrong man home.
"How can Cynthia still decide to couple up with Maurice even after the news they got? He's truly fake and needs to go," one fan wrote.
While another said: "Maurice continues to think he's smarter than everybody because he's able to fool people like Cynthia. Such a regrettable decision."
Other Twitter users threw words around like "player", "narcissistic", "shallow", "self-obsessed" and "slimy" - making him possibly the least-popular personality on the show-to-date.
Maurice or Sam. Who would you choose? (Source: Channel 9)
So, is this a case of nice guy's finish last or should Sam have been sent home since he hadn't made a connection (or faked one)?
This is Love Island after all and if you're not coupled up, you've got to go home...we'll miss you DJ Sam, but we hope that Maurice gets his comeuppance and is sent packing soon!

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