Love Island

Love Island's Cassidy McGill reveals: 'Grant's so obsessed with me!'

''It was very frustrating, and I did have to pull him aside.''

By NW team
The first opportunity Australia got to vote Love Island babe Cassidy McGill out of the villa, they took it. After all the drama, tears and tantrums -- most of which revolved around her island partner of one week Grant Crapp -- barmaid and actress Cass, 23, was finally given the boot last week.
And while a handful of the castaways were glad to see the last of Cass -- we're looking at you Tayla Damir and Millie Fuller -- Cass says there's one person who'll miss her most – her "ex-boyfriend" Grant.
Cass and Grant coupled up on Day One!
"A few people think he's still interested in me," Cass tells NW after leaving the villa, adding that she believes Tay and Grant won't last.
"It was very frustrating, and I did have to pull him aside and say, 'Why are you so preoccupied with my life in the villa?'"
Well, perhaps luckily for him, there are rumours that Cass's time on Love Island isn't over – and she will make a shocking return to the villa! Whaaat?!
Here, Cass vents to NW about her love triangle with Grant and Tay -- and how she screwed up with "husband material" Josh Moss.
Will Cass be making a return to the villa? Stay tuned!
How are you feeling about being dumped from the Island?
Cassidy: It's a surreal feeling... I'm so sad to be gone and also that I didn't get what I went in for – to find love.
Tayla clearly wasn't sad about your elimination...
Cassidy: I didn't hear her say "Bye Felicia", but it says more about her than it says about me. At that point, it was, like, "Tayla and Grant, who?"
Grant had a lot of opinions on you, huh?
Cassidy: I couldn't understand why he was so preoccupied with my love-life! So when it came to recoupling, I wanted to stick it to him and show him and Tayla that they have their own problems they need to work on. To show that they're not as confident in their relationship as they think. They were both getting so sidetracked with other relationships because they thought they were the strongest.
"Tayla and Grant, who?" Cassidy says she's already forgotten about her villa-mates.
Are you gutted things didn't work out with you and Grant?
Cassidy: I did not pick Grant because I still wanted him. A small part of me knew... Look, I know Grant picked Tayla over me for a reason. He could have very well had me, but he didn't. A few people did think he was still interested in me, because he can't seem to butt out of my life! I think he was definitely struggling to live with his ex and his current girlfriend. He was young, immature and doesn't know how to handle it.
Would you give Grant another chance?
Cassidy: Never. It would be his fifth or sixth chance at this point. I was never insecure before Love Island, and had never been cheated on. With Grant, I couldn't trust him. I felt so insecure about the relationship. My gut feeling turned out to be right, because he was interested in Tayla. I've run out of chances to give Grant.
The blonde beauty spent most of her time in the villa in tears.
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