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Love Island's Cassidy McGill reveals why she isn't giving up on Grant Crapp

Clingy Cass opens up about her plan to keep straying Grant away from other girls.

She reckons she's at her best when she's "thrown in the deep end", but even Melbourne barmaid Cassidy McGill can admit she was "naive" about what to expect in the Love Island villa.
Within two days of arriving in Mallorca, Spain, the babe, 23, found herself swept up in a dramatic love triangle with electrician Grant Crapp, 22, and model and radio host Tayla Damir, 21, shattering all her dreams of a fairytale romance.
Cass and Grant are on shaky ground.
"If anything I'm going to be more clingy to [Grant]," the Love Island stunner says, explaining to NW that she'd hoped other girls would be "too scared" to come after her man when she was so clearly emotionally invested.
"Two weeks in the house feels like two months and because you've been sharing a bed with someone, it's going to feel like so much longer," she explains of how easy it is to fall for someone on the show.
"So people on the outside won't understand your connections...They don't understand what's going on in the villa – no-one understands anything."
Hmm... That might go some way to explain why the smitten kitten isn't planning to turn her back on Grant, despite his wandering eyes and constant lies.
In fact, it seems the more Grant plays, the more Cassidy's going to latch on!

"I don't know what it is about f--k boys, but I love to be like, 'I'll tame him.' Next minute I'm nursing a broken heart," she explains.
"My mind is like, 'It's alright, you [go] get the next one!' But then it's like, 'No! Keep out of the lolly jar – don't go for the sacred fruit!'"
And while all signs point to heartbreak ahead, Cass spills to NW that she's not willing to let Tayla – or anyone for that matter – get in the way of what she and her man could have.
She's gutted he's keen on Tay.
"If some girl comes up to my guy, I will try to fight. I don't know how I'll do it because my confidence will take a knock," she says.
"I may [have to] get territorial – I'll just have to refrain from peeing on them! That's a joke! I will not urinate!"
Uh, we hope not!
"It's Love Island, not 'Friend Island!'" she continues.
"Normally, I wouldn't put bros before hoes, but I am genuinely [here] to find romance, and friendships are a bonus – it's not the other way around. So if I have to step on other people's toes..."

Hear that, girls?
Despite everything she's gone through already, Cass is still hoping that Grant comes to his senses and, er, puts all his eggs in her basket.
"I trust my guy and my intuition, so I hope that doesn't s--t itself," she adds.
And if not, well Cassidy's brewing up a backup plan.
"I know there's probably going to be 10 more guys that walk through the villa," she laughs, hinting that she's not one to turn down a revenge romance.

And what would these guys need to woo her away?
"I'm a personality girl. I will put personality above looks any day of the week," she says.
Guess we'll have to wait and see…
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