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EXCLUSIVE: Lego Masters star Ryan on his heartbreaking journey to become a dad

Why Ryan is so open about the loss he's had to overcome.

By Laura Masia
Although LEGO Masters contestant Ryan, who has partnered up with Gabby on the show, is a whiz when it comes to building LEGO, building a family hasn't been easy.
Before he became a besotted father to Charlotte, four, and two-month-old Nathaniel, Ryan and his wife Alison sought IVF to conceive.
When trying for their first child, the couple decided to implant two embryos in the hope they would both take. Tragically, one of the babies, William, did not survive.
"It was a horrible time," school teacher Ryan, 42, tells TV WEEK.
The first trimester went well, but 12 weeks into Alison's pregnancy, the couple discovered that while Charlotte was doing fine, William had several health issues.
Ryan with his LEGO Masters partner Gabby. (Image: Channel Nine)
"We were faced with a difficult decision as to whether to deliver them early, which probably would have resulted in William's passing, but possibly would have impacted Charlotte's likelihood of survival," Ryan says.
"Sadly, we had to let nature take its course. We had so much trouble falling pregnant that having the two in there is what actually allowed Charlotte to survive. We're grateful for her, and we're grateful for William every day."
While the pain of losing William is still raw, Ryan believes it's important to speak up, especially after losing his mum to breast cancer when he was 13.
"I had to lose my favourite person in the world," he says.
Having daughter Charlotte in their lives is a great joy. (Image: Supplied)
As tragic as the loss was, Ryan explains that it shaped who he is today.
"I've always been one to share my story," he says.
"It's healthy for people to talk about it. Whenever I've mentioned it, it's amazing how many people say, 'Oh, I've had a miscarriage.'"
"It's kind of sad we have that much pent-up energy and frustration in so many of us, yet it's brushed off and we move on. We need to embrace our grief and share it. We'll be better for it."
LEGO Masters airs Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7.30pm on the Nine Network
"I've always been one to share my story," Ryan says. (Image: Channel Nine)

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